They actually FREAKIN did it

Congratulations all you high elf lovers, you’ve got it, or at least the closest blizz will probably give.



What are you talking about? Did I miss a new allied race?

They just added new customization to BE and VE wich includes blue eyes.


Void elves will be able to change their skin colour New customization options for blood elves and void elves


I shall continue to hate blood and void elves the same amount


Cant wait for all the “Just rename us to High Elf” threads from all the new High Elves that don’t want to be called Void elves.


I’m happy for the people who are happy because of this.


Yeah, I’m only happy for the grateful ones.


To those people il just say get on with the lore in 2020 and stop making the redconed 2003 rts lore relevant.Its just the netural progression in story telling of the High elf people.
Anyhow glad blizzard did this,an awesome change(and now il gloat) i even saw it coming a month ago,hence i preorder SL cause of it.

Ah those customsations are just 2020 thing they must do, lore or no lore. If it be developer from some other country they wouldn’t do it. Social pressure gets even the richest.

That’s all.

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Well maybe Blizzard should stop pussy footing around this whole issue. People wanted High Elves, they didn’t want Void Elves. It just makes it more and more stupid as time goes on.

Now we’re at a point where we’re almost look the same as High Elves except with void racials.

Imagine if instead of Dark Irons we got Blue Dark Irons and everyone that wanted Dark Irons was called stupid for not wanting to turn blue every now and then?

I wish people would stop doing the whole “well they were never going to pleased” nonsense.

Hitting all sorts of ridiculous extremes to specifically avoid giving us High Elves in the same way we have Dwarves and Humans and Gnomes and expecting people to be happy is plain stupid. And you know its stupid. But somehow doing the whole “but its basically the same but you turn blue every now and then” somehow isn’t stupid? The sheer mental gymnastics I’m seeing is astonishing.


void elf name is lil bit cheesy that is for sure, but high elf nah, becuse they kind of aint, but they could have found a better name, it aint like blood elfs call them self fel elfs eighter, when they used to eat fel magic.

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A new age of high elf whine threads are upon us. I am excited to learn the many ways in which this isn’t good enough :grinning:


People keep saying this is breaking the lore but it really isn’t. They’re still Void Elves but aren’t purple, like Alleria? What’s so lore breaking about that?
And as for the Blood Elf side, Blood Elves are still High Elves, they’re allowed to have blue eyes.

You don’t have to look far


Oh every time there’s lore discussion you get 20 takes per 1 person. For some it is meta gaming twitter tweets, for others its perfection.

For me its just 2020-things. Nothing else.

But Blizzard lost me long ago… and fairly well on troll paladins. Whatever elf issues people have, thats already irrelevant.

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You meanie, I had enough threads to laugh and catch up on, you just had to add more. Which reminds me:

It wasn’t initially though I realized right after posting and kept it. (The thing in anti-flier activist thread)

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But there are high elfs that turned to the void. There is one in the void elf starting erea. So you can rp as a real high elf.

Except for people who were happy enough with the compromise of “Okay, it’s not High Elves, but we are getting the model we wanted”.

Only reason there wasn’t massive fanfare attached to the race was because they came out of nowhere and all of a sudden, and were attached to a reputation that didn’t make much sense (Getting reputation for the Broken on Argus? Getting Void Elves instead). Otherwise they’re about as good as you can get when it comes to the “Blood Elves on Alliance side”

Alleria doesn’t exist, apparently. She is essentially a Shadowlands Void Elf (Looks like a Blood Elf/High Elf, has Void Racials).

It’s not nonsense if it’s true. Have a look at every single High Elf thread, and read the comments from people who want them. Tell me that they don’t sound like entitled little children who want a toy, and then throw a tantrum when they get a toy of a different color.


Again, if someone wants a toy of a specific colour then why get them a different coloured one thinking that its good enough? It’s obviously not good enough, we’re talking about a video game here where they make the toys and think the market having specific demands is called entitlement.

How is it in any way a good thing to get people a colour they didn’t ask for?

The fact they’re doing this to Void Elves proves how much of a failure Allied Races were, if the whole premise was “well we have to make them different from Blood Elves”.

Blizzard is a company that is constantly fixing their own easily avoidable problems.

People asked for High Elves. Give them High Elves, not Void Elves, not recoloured Void Elves, literally the people that have been in the Alliance since Warcraft II.

I don’t know why its such a problem to just make them available for the faction they’ve been on for the longest time.

It also doesn’t help that the Void Elf lore is so weak and pathetic in comparison to any of the other races. I probably would’ve been fine with Void Elves if they weren’t just a group of 20 people, instead it comes from a vague rep in Legion and only Alleria was there.


eh they didn’t actually do it this fakes are still void elves aka former blood elves and not high elves nor can they be the glorious Paladins i feel sad for anyone that is happy with this