They butchered harsh discipline

Only me who absolutely hate what they did to the talent harsh discipline in 10.2? One of the best if not The best feelings as a disc priest are firing those strong fast penance bolts after pumping it up with +3 bolt casting smite etc. They are now locking it behind Power Word: Radiance. Making it much rarer to use and forcing you to use it with CDs. Making for a much more boring playstyle. Especially after they made the tierset around spamming smite. Its almost not even worth casting during shadow covenant in 10.2 if its not empowerd, and it feels terrible to cast now after it being a signature spell for disc for so long. Really hope they are going to rewamp that talent but the chances are slim.


Im ok with everything they did to discipline expect harsh discipline. One fun thing you had to play around. Shame.

They made twilight equilibrium a dead talent why does it still exist.

We need our spells back, or at least the two charges of mind blast.


I miss Wotlk disc. It needs reworked to how it used to play.

Also remove PW:S from holy, and make it Disc exclusive, slap a CD on it, and buff it so it’s worth pressing.

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In pvp I miss that extra mind blast i really would of liked a damage buff if anything feeling a bit nerfed, would of prefered a damage buff with all the grips and shizz

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and we are a heal /damage dealer hybrid class pls don’t laugh at the damage bit < I know … > can be a bit lame
its just taken the fun out of playing disc and I miss the extra fires of penance when you smite x3

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It feel really bad trying to get harsh discipline from radiance. The whole simplification of the damage rotation fails because of this strange action of trying to pump up a big penance but wasting one of our biggest heals to do so.

Activation with Smites/Mind blast made sense, and literally fits the play style. this new change just feels like a random idea with no real thought behind it.


I’m sorry, but what are you talking about? TE is still in most M+ builds I’ve seen and works perfectly with our new Mindbender/Shadowfiend. It basically buffs every single shadow spell by 15%. The holy part is just a bonus.

Please don’t tell me you’re that stupid.

The talent only works half as well now, without the ability to weave between an extra stack of Mind Blast and Schism. That’s a downgrade.

It doesn’t work as originally intended. You are getting less than before and are happy with that?

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