They didn't think to put a warning on the character screen?

Not the best comparison. In the “bring cloning back” threads players could have activated their clones but they didn’t. Here they couldn’t do anything.

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I think it’s perfectly fair, both post expecting something they will never get.

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Or you in SW - everything works fine, you go fly to somewhere to Quest and FP drops you?
A warning in Loading screen like for maintenance would be the rigth place and thing to do.


What a useless comment.

  1. People don’t read forums, 99% of players.
  2. OP wants a warning about lag, you should try reading posts before commenting.

Yo Dottie are you getting paid to spew things that make absolutely ZERO sense or you just do it out of your own will to piss off everyone?
Addons don’t cause this type of lag, I would educate you further on the matter since I work in IT and ACTUALLY know what I am talking about but you will have a smarter comeback ready anyways I can already see it.

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you could argue that from the warning blizzard had always anticipated high lag and just considers it a feature, hence the lack of a warning
ultimately only blizzard can answer the why though and they probably won’t answer on a EU thread

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Then you will know RTFM, and the vast majority of people complaining didn’t.

I don’t mention that at all. EVERY player gets that pop up EVERY time they make a character.

That’s the thing, Blizzard do that when most people are affected by it, the numbers I’ve seen are about 20% of people were, probably due to blizzard trying to get as many people as they can playing.

They are still closer to the truth than you are, but only Blizzard knows (or not know) what they messed up on the game client with that “maintenance”.

Brother, when 20% of your playerbase is experiencing game breaking lag in your HC game, you shut down the servers, get to the bottom of that and fix it, that would be number 1.
Number 2 would be to AT LEAST notify people on the client that everyone SEES to only play on your own responsibility. Forum and twitter doesn’t matter, normal people don’t read that.


You really need to remove that barbed suppository. I know some people had problems and wouldn’t have logged in if they knew, but guess what? I logged in, saw it lagging and logged straight out again.

Unless you think you can fix it without the extreme action of shutting down all the realms.

I seem to remember there was a message on the launcher about login and other problems. Of course it’s gone now but again if people didn’t see it then that’s on them.

Man, what if you are on flight? What if you don’t read world chat? You die to the first mob you pull? Get real with these nonsense arguments, we are not detectives on the hunt to find out if the server is lagging or not, because it shouldn’t.

Well, obviously they can’t, otherwise this wouldn’t be going on for day 5 or so. And again, server is HC, you shouldn’t be “thinking” anything, just shut down the servers, step one, then you can start thinking.

This is going on for 5 days and COUNTING, it should still be up right as we speak.

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I was on Stitches that morning. And left because too many players in zone. I saw no warning nowhere. And then logged our and went to Nek’Rosh instead - still no warning - and probably saved life of my Stitches toon.

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It wasn’t the warning, people would play anyway if they saw one, it was the time it took to do stuff.

I won’t answer you Vincentbbc, as you are just spoiling for an argument and I won’t enable you.


How about you don’t answer anyone and let people with above room temperature IQ speak?

Ohh nice, can you insult me some more?

I’ve always found that those who don’t have a point tend to insult the person, rather than attacking their points.


Such a gud vei to cuver theyr assesesss right ?

I think it’s more about the amount of work it would take to check and ress everyone who asked for it and deserved it, and it wouldn’t really be hardcore if you could ress, would it?

I don’t think it could be automated.