They didn't think to put a warning on the character screen?

Over 100 deaths in 60 seconds on Stitches. Multiple level 60s. Not one warning on the launcher or on the character select screen even though this has been happening for hours.


What is happening?

Hundreds of players dying on their Hardcore characters because of server lag which has been happening for hours now.

Blizzard has done nothing to warn people other than a reply to a post on these forums.

Damm i cant even log in the character screen is black and cant select anything

I recommend staying away for now, mate. Loads of players losing their high level characters due to lag.

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The last post from Blizzard yesterday even admitted that things are getting worse and recommended players don’t put their hardcore characters at risk.

i wasnt aware of this, why wasnt it on login screen?

The warning is when you make your character, it’s not Blizzards fault you didn’t read it.


I’m not talking about dying. I’m talking about the fact that they didn’t warn players that the servers were having issues on the login screen or the launcher. You know, the two main places people look at before they log in to the game.

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Read this, you know, in the other thread about this. Which you should have posted in instead of making a new thread.

And as I quite clearly said previously. Not everyone checks the forums. You think everyone says ‘I better check the forums today in case anything major is going on’ before they log in? Of course they don’t.

They put other major issues in a huge box on the launcher and login page (Server outages, maintenance, login issues etc.) but not this? Doesn’t make a lot of sense, hence the reason for this post.


I don’t think that Blizzard coming up with an excuse not to warn players is a good enough reason not to make a thread about it. They’re basically saying they won’t fight the fire because it would get the rugs wet. Players have unrealistic expectations of the servers working when logging in and Blizzard won’t warn them because they might have unrealistic expectations…

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Then when you log out you do it in a safe zone. Anyone who doesn’t do this on a Hardcore realm is putting their character at risk, and when they log in they should be able to see the huge lag.

Oh, you did read the thread post I linked?

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That might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read.

Even if you were to log in in a safe area who’s to say the lag would be readily apparent? Guild chat was working fine, party chat was working fine, trade chat was working fine so an unsuspecting player would be right in thinking all is well if they were in Stormwind for example. Then when they went in to Elwynn and got in to combat, the lag could start.

Point still stands, a simple warning on the login page/launcher could have prevented a lot of unnecessary deaths.

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It would, but not everyone is getting the lag and this would stop those players from playing. Again read the link I provided.

In terms of in-game messaging it is being considered, though keep in mind not everyone is affected and a generic message about potentially running into issues is already true at all times. Having warnings appear and disappear might simply create unrealistic expectations about when it is and isn’t “safe” to play.

Personally I think the server is only part of the problem. Addons can cause lag.


People shouldn’t be warned because not everyone is affected? And when half the server dies, you just say: “your own fault for putting yourself in that situation, why play at all with this lag?”

You’re just lucky it didnt affect you. And now you love to rub it in other people noses.


I’m going for the you need to face reality award. Honestly it’s worse than those “bring cloning back” threads.

People need to read what they agree to.

Actually the lag did affect me but I logged out and left my character in a safe place. I then reinstalled and updated my addons and it stopped. Though it may have been the time taken to do that which helped.

Nobody cares what’s in the agreement. It releases Blizzard from having to restore the characters, it doesn’t in any way mean people shouldn’t complain about it. If there’s a problem with the game, people should speak up about the problem. It’s that simple.

I don’t understand this “you signed that you can’t hold blizzard responsible for X, therefore you shouldn’t complain about X” argument. Blizzard can do whatever they want. They could literally delete half the characters tomorrow and rename the remaining half to “Potato00001” etc., and it would be perfectly in line with what “we signed”. I don’t understand how any of this means that people complaining would be somehow inappropriate, futile, or whatever else.

Problem with the game = complain on the forums. Nowhere in that equation is “did you sign that you agree to the problem”, lol.


Will you post this picture in the entire forum threads? Are you happy?

Well, its says “sever outages” not “seRver outages.”

They didnt even check the spell wording correctly ahaha.

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