They finally fixed Sniper Shot

Just thought y’all would like to know ^^

sniper shot will get a 3rd nerf before DH gets any reasonable nerfs, same for ret & ww


I could not hit more than 500k to 2m hp players with sniper shot even with full random bg buffs and full conquest gear after 25% nerf. This nerf is stupid and whoever complains about sniper shot is sick.

What is the point of casting sniper shot for 3 damn seconds if it hits same as aimed shot? Brain please.

Also range is the only defensive of hunters yet they are even nerfing it.

While dh needs at least 20% damage nerf, they are getting only %4 perfunctory nerf.

Not to mention ww, ret, arms left untouched.

So this is a random bg nerf?

No one was picking Sniper Shot in arena since the first nerf anyway.

Good, if we are balancing off of random bgs, can we now nerf boomkin and mistweaver since they are dominating RGBs.

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I just find it funny how Sniper was nerfed, but Chaos Bolts remain untouched. At least Sniper has CD, long cast, and hunters can’t instantly cc a whole team giving them room to freely cast multiple 400+k hitting CBs back to back. Not to mention that I’m having rounds with locks (any spec) passively healing 6 to 7M per round

not sure about arenas but on BGs hunters were good at keeping constant pressure on enemy healers. we all know that healers are OP and almost immortal, i’d say that BGs (almost) became the battles of healers. fixing SS will make it even worse

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Another fun PvP talent nerfed into uselessness. Toddlers would do a better job at balancing.


This nerf is the only good news blizz has announced in quite a long time, maybe i can play a BG without 60-80% of all participants being hunters. This wont affect the good hunters at all while slapping the terrible ones so its a fantastic change. they should´ve just removed the talent all together though but somehow this is even more satisfying. The ability is still there… you can play it…

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whoever is annoyed by hunters, go blitz, the higher the rate the less hunters you’ll see

So only 1 skill made you avoid bgs? Maybe you are just bad and seeking excuses?

Whatever. Karma will find you. Premades with full of balance druids, dhs and other metas will give you what you deserve. Enjoy.

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I liked it back when it had a knockback effect.

Looks like we found someone not falling into the category of “good hunters”.

You can sit there n pretend all you like that it was balanced but in the end of the day you know perfectly well it wasnt, which is exactly the reason you´re playing it. You´re on the retpocalypse level of copium. and no, the whole spec bothers me because its a ranged fury warrior with stealth and 16x the damage but with snipershot gutted im expecting to see considerably less MM hunters.

The only bad players are the ones who rerolled MM hunters to get some training wheels experience, thats why you´re so upset n defensive. Blizz is taking away your training wheels which you built your entire existance around.

Yes boomys are still gonna be annoying, theres always something that is afterall, thats not related at all to the hunter pandemic that has plagued BG´s for over 6 months though.

I personally would also nerf rapid fire

It is very fun to listen a tirade from an uh dk that constantly cry about hunters with its toxic double grip, unlimited slow and other toxic utilities. You are true definition being bad.

Also using ‘reroll’ and ‘hunter’ in the same sentence proves that how clueless and stupid you are. When was hunter meta the last time? I started playing hunter before you were born. You may be a spineless reroller but you should stop thinking that everyone is like you.

I hope you´re significantly younger than i am, screeching like a banshee becomes socially awkward at around the age of 14 but based on all the posts i´ve seen from you that description fits you perfectly.

The fact that you´re posting on an alt while being fully incapable of having a single regular conversation without going ballistic means that you should probably just stick with singleplayer game, maybe try one of the Skyrim remasters.

If you´ve played hunter for so long n still rely on sniper to be relevant to the point where you have a mental breakdown once its nerfed you´ve clearly not learned a thing about hunter, you dont even know the basics in which case you´re no better than a regular fotm reroller so the point still stands.

You can complain about DK all you want, unlike you i dont defend DK whenever its busted like it was in early season 1 and even more so in early season 2 where coil dealth chaos bolt damage and apocalypse globalled people. Do you know why? because im not completely delusional.

Nerfing Boomkin in RBGs without destroying it in arena / PvE would be really easy.
PvP only, Starfall deals less DMG when hitting more than 5 targets.
PvP only Moonfire / Sunfire capped to 5 targets.

Might be overkill, but just something as simple as this would be enough to reduce the Boomkin AoE DMG.

ever heard of haste?

Haste doesnt do anything for MM. If you want to see big numbers on your screen go Crit!

btw here = arena forum, not bg

Why cant we hunters have a talent that makes our trap cd reset if we miss our trap on someone. Please blizzard take note of this idea :face_holding_back_tears: