Third Random DC

So this is my third DC from Argent Dawn after I’m just leveling my alt, I have never had any issues with DC’s before and they sure as heck wasn’t this many.

Every hour or so my game freezes and I get DC’d

Is this a common problem happening to everyone or what’s the deal?

There do seem to be more reports of DCs at the moment. However, as a first step I would try disabling your addons and resetting your WOW Interface. You can see how to do this here:

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Keep getting disconnects also.


That’s not going to do anything for a wide-ranging server issue. I also got disconnected and can’t log back in, the launcher is also having trouble connecting.

Yeah the servers are broken, I disabled my addons and reset my User Interface and I’m still DC’ing randomly.

This is now my 7th DC :confused:

Same issue here. Huge lag spike and then DC. When logging back in the trading post seems broken. I was set back from 1000/1000 back to 450/1000 in the traveler’s log…

Edit : logging out and back in, set me back to 1000/1000. But it’s clear servers are having huge issues.

At least two of my guild are having this issue today. They keep disconnecting. We tried to do M+ instance and they both DC’d at the same time, many times during the instance.

Just came to chip in on this… Random DCs on wow + bnet. Can’t remember when something similar happened

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