This game is sooooooooo dead

this game is trolling us so hard. I think it is somewhat, weirdly balanced (except rogues one shot and maybe one or two other weird things), but there is such a weird slow pace of balancing the game and giving us new content that everybody left. not a single soul is playing anymore, I miss mop.


I have two months of gametime left and I wish I didn’t


Unfortunatly I am close to quitting myself.

The game is not fun if you dont have full gear


My guild just had 20+ people online so at least some are still playing.

Been there. I sat in LFG for hours, then win 5 games, lose 1, whole team tilts. Then sit in LFG for hours again, alt leveling is dumb af, ret are still the same, never got fixed, warlock with mind games? Well thought. Just don’t even bother anymore dude, I come here to read the forums on my last sub days but when you make a post like this there will be so many fanboys defending the game its actually weird “asking for facts” they havent seen the posts on worldofpvp I guess. Subs are down so bad, only people left playing arena are some gladiator andies or people with FoTM specs.

to be honest, even at full gear it’s fun for a while then you slowly start to realise how imbalanced everything is and the fun quickly fades

I just play with the same friends. I have like 6-8 people to play with but we all rather don’t expect anything and prepare for the next patch.

It’s not that it’s imbalanced. It’s that everything oneshots. 1-2 crits and something can die randomly. The problem is that luck plays big role in the outcome of the arena.

its not realy fun with 220 ilvl either.

Just uninstall the game, if u dont like it, ur nu obliged to keep play it just because u have 2months game time left.

Im not mean, but u are in a toxic relation right now!

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Because getting 22k final verdicts and starsurges are so cool. Today 3 of us got killed in 2 seconds against 1 paladin, what means 1 gcd = 1 dead. I’m not that overgeared man, but I could stack up maximum 8% more dmg redu and 10k hp, that would be still around 2 hits. No thanks. 6 months passed since the Garbagelands release, this billionaire company operates from more money, than my whole country and the game is still full with braindead, unbalanced classes and bots. I’m sick of how Actibision Blizzard treats his customers and the community… I hope someone, someday will save the warcraft universe from this psychopathic business model, because now they just destroy everything what means so much for millions of people. The PvP is one of best example, how it was treated like the inferior part of the game, because it doesn’t generate enough game time, or too much workers need for the continous balance and releasing new content at the same time, or idk why, but this behavior brought the result: pvp is indeed the smallest part of the wow right now. I swear more people do leveling and mount farming as main activity than pvp.

Customer feedback should be welcomed.

Y’all should try some m+ with friends, it can be kinda fun pushing +18 keys.

RBGs can be fun, too. This game is unplayable without friends.

Mine is running out in 2 days, thank god.

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