This games community is PATHETIC

ask and thou shalt receive

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Seriously Stop :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t habe that problem at all. We have guilds, communities, friends for all of that content. The community is exactly what the game design leads too since years. Not existent outside of guilds and friends.

I mean we had something like a server community back in the days. We had reputations at our server. When we fu*ked up nobody wanted us in their groups which led to appropriate behavior.

Nowadays through sharding I don’t even see my own guild mates on the server I play anymore, everyone is a “I will never see this guy again” player. I don’t care a bit about these guys. Lfd, lfr and especially sharding destroyed all social interactions outside of friends we made, guilds and nowadays communities. So that behaviors you describe are completely expectable.

Anyways I never had that experiences that you described.


I try to be nice, bu I ran out of likes for today.


Has to be the four corners.

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Agree with OP somewhat. It’s like look at me let me pull all the instance I am the best tank and then slaps the healer for being incapable. Then there is raids for 110s and 120s join just to insult you with oooh look at me 120 you 110 hahahah go away. Mythic? You noob, I AM BETTER LOOK AT ME. Learn to play your spec. Want to do old content and ask why, told no one cares. No matter that I know my sh1t and this game toxic filth is ruining it. Nothing we can do expect ignore or just solo everything, which is what I usually do,

So instead of trying to make a group of friends, guild or build your own community of like minded players…you jump right out and insult the entire community…and expect someone to try make you feel better…xD wtb your sense of entitlement please


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wtf is this “you must type 20characters” BS?

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Not sure if you are being serious or not.
Not going to try change your mind though you already made your mind up.

So you had some bad experiences in dungeons. So what?
Just try again and form a new group. You cry about “toxicity on this game” but perpetuate it on the forums.

Nobody HAS to help you out with group and dungeon quests even though by design Blizzard makes them in an MMO.
Gear score? That just happened around Wrath of the Lich King so there is no way to put that cat in the bag.

Juts prove yourself a good player. Too many believe that high gear score means you are a good player but many over geared people suck. Cause they were carried by others to get it.

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I agree, some people are quite toxic (or atleast showing some kind of toxic behavior) and this is definitely why i avoid pugging for most part, however but i also believe that if you ask nicely, 99% of people will be helpful in most situations.
Yesterday i did a normal lfg on my hunter, the tank called me a brainless biip word, because i was a bit too slow at moving (this was a normal instance not a mythic level +1000) - however my group removed him from our group (thank you random strangers for doing that). You have to fight toxic with kindness, not with toxic.

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I think the way many of WoW’s Forum posters say things like “Join a Guild”, “Make your own Group”, “Play with Friends” are in the same boat as those who decline players for arbitrary reasons… and it all boils down to a old saying in England, “I’m alright, Jack, pull the ladder up…” which basically translated is, “not my problem (a problem I encounter)…”, even bordering on “Sierra Tango Foxtrot Uniform, we don’t care”.

Let’s take a hypothetical “Friends List”, in WoW… are the people on your Friends list ‘social media’-level friends, or people you know from/have actually met in real life? If the former & you live by that name count, then you really should be doing what many detractors to this type of thread would suggest & ‘get a life’ or take a look in the mirror how shallow your own REAL social circle is.

Online acquaintances, as they truly should be referred to (not true friends) or even being in a Guild could, to some, give them the same ‘Alone in a room full of people’ feel as having no-one in their online social circle… and if you don’t have any social anxiety at all, you’ll never understand this.

Responses like those in the early part of this post are equally aspects of social exclusion as anything else you care to quote as an example…

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To make a post, it had to consist of at least 20 characters or just flagged up a message. So to get round it, we use to write /20characters underneath the comment that was too short.

Today Aerythlea confirmed that the limit has been reduced to 10 characters :tada:

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it solves the issue tho.
Been there done that. came back to wow 2 months before legions end, I was really bad at the game (still am LMAO) and I wouldnt get accepted in raid groups, I wouldnt get accepted in mythic groups, etc.

so what I did was, I made my own group and voila I did the content I wanted. I did everything, I pugged mythic raid, I cleared heroic raid multiple times.

I couldnt find a good guild, so I made my own guild and that too solved issues.

the thing is tho, all of that requires effort and people dont want to put effort into reaching their goals or doing what they want. they’d rather do 2 clicks join a group and do content, but sorry, that’s not how things work.

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