This is a great server without queue but still we need your help!

Skullflame is a great server! However, there is a little difference in terms of the numbers between Alliance and Horde. We need you as Alliance.
According to Wowhead: Classic

English | PvP | Skullflame | Alliance: 21598 Horde: 37737 |Total: 59335
Percentages - Alliance: 36% Horde: 64%

STILL, both faction zones are crowded. Trust me. There’s always an activity at any time. It is easy to find groups for anything. Everyone I saw so far was pretty friendly. Talkative community, and it is mostly English speaking. As far as I know, the server has no popular streamer, so I may say that there’s no inequity.

I just wanted to say that I love Skullflame, and probably stay here as an Alliance member. I have tons of friends here. And we need more and more Alliance members to stabilize the factions.

Join us today! :heart_eyes:


stop whining. More horde means more honor to farm.

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