This is the first time that I feel like some wow-youtubers are destroying gaming culture itself

You can’t both a realist and a cynic, that’s an oxymoron.

Yes it does, I attend on transmog / mount competition = farming mounts + transmog is considered content.

Sorry that these guys have been rude to the game players and devs, and so are you as well.

I’d be rude to the devs and the community that defends blizz when everything they do is wrong. They completely ignored feedbacks, adding more annoying systems which nobody likes. ALWAYS late on tunnings when it was NEEDED during beta / alpha, yet they still procceed. and this isn’t the first time they do it, it’s been YEARS now. what do you expect from these content creators???

Yes I am a fan of these content creators and agree with their comment about WoW, so what? I must follow your opinion? throw your opinion into garbage.

So what is your point? Oh waow he have alot of money.

He worked for it and earned and what do you do? sitting at your house whining in forums about asmongold he makes money and make the game look bad? well guess what, numbers don’t lie and these daily I QUIT posts isn’t fake.

Check LFG Premades how many WTS advertisement, did something happen?

Idk if you’re just jealous or just a delusional person who lives in a fantasy life and the world being destroyed and you’re like “Everything is fine these news are fake”.

I have a full time job, unlike you who works for blizzard whos job is being negative to these content creators.

I am here to defend these content creators and prove they were right about what went wrong with this game and how to improve it.

Haters are always haters. If you dont like these guys, just dont watch them?

If that’s considered content, then again every forum post is considered content as would be literally any RP within anywhere of the game… Which would mean that Asmon and ‘content creators’ actually create the smallest amount of content compared to many regular game users.

Ironic, since you do the same for your streamers.

Like streamers? But even then, your original statement is false - because even now quite a few people continue to play SL and enjoy it. There’s tons of things added into the game that people enjoy, that you and said content creators hate and then go ‘NOBODY likes or asks for this!’

True, which is partially the fault of streamers and Blizzard inviting them instead of people that would be better to invite to said betas and alphas instead of said streamers. But, because they cave into them and their fans(you) this continues to happen instead.

:rofl: imagine saying streamers worked for that money

streamers do this, but on stream instead. Sometimes both!

You mean the faked numbers from third party sources that make false claims? Curious. Oh, the i quit posts have been around since Vanilla btw. Wrath had a lot of those, and uh… Wrath was peak. Weird.

Press X to Doubt.

Could be said about you posting in this very thread, but I wouldn’t expect a streamers fan to actually practice what they preach.

Is anyone even taking them seriously? I view these drama youtubers the same as any other drama youtubers whether it’s political or pop culture or whatever. The only people they have much influence over are the people actively seeking them out in the first place.

The irony of this post is that I didn’t even know he was doing drama stuff until I read this post but now I know not to take him seriously :smiley:

Did you get a proof of that yet? And I don’t mean just saying that “the API is restricted” and “SendWho() is a privated function”, I mean actual examples of which restrictions exactly played a role in those numbers being inaccurate and actual explanations of why that is the case. Until then, all your claims are baseless, sourceless and much less believable than those in said video where sources and data were actually provided and explained.

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Yes, I posted about them with as much evidence as you required from your original sources. To debunk something they made without actually posting the data strings pulled, that’s all that’s needed. But! To remind you, respectfully. Welcome, Please Read!

[Game Content] means the Game’s audio-visual content, including the visual appearances of its characters, and corresponding in-game data that is rendered and made available to users or viewers of the Game Content

Please learn what does Content means before you comment.

I know right? aren’t you doing the same to the players who watch asmongold?


Why is anima not moved when I switch covenant??

I am done with you, you’re obviously a troll.

and not only streamers, EVEN BETA / ALPHA POSTS. FYI.

Even tho I saw this comment and If I was a game director I wouldn’t even send it to you, you obviously don’t even know how character progression, systems and power customization work. why would I send the beta to you? give me a good reason.

Has preach done something wrong during his beta/alpha tests? he always make videos about feedbacks and improvements, all of his advices were thrown into the garbage and avoided.

Yes, imagine being talentless in tiktok makes more money? that’s the world how we live in now.

That’s their job, they make money of it so why not? wouldn’t you do the same if you got millions just by sitting?

I don’t call it fake, it’s the closest resource we have. and during Vanila - TBC - Wotlk yes there were some posts but we had subs numbers and they were increasing :slight_smile:

I didn’t open a thread thrashing about community / content creators.

Like what you’re doing now, this guy made the posts and you giving him likes and thrashing the people who follow the streamers.

Plus Im done with you, this is going nowhere. I have a flight today HF.

Is it the youtubers or the sheep that follow them ?

Its so easy to just unsub and block and you will never see them again.

There is only a few now i follow that are actually rational and a bit more mature in their content. Not just regurgitating drivel for the masses that soak it up to feed their hate. If they all disappear to ffxiv it would be doing the community a favour.

If all content creators stopped tomorrow nothing would happen, my gameplay would not be impacted at all, would probably be more enjoyable if anything.

Fully aware of what it means, if you want to call them ‘game content creators’ then RP and anyone doing absolutely anything within the game would be considered ‘creating content’ despite them having not been the one to create said content in the first place and it would be pointless to label anyone ‘content creators’.

Considering Asmongold started it by lashing out against me, Devs, with his hate speech? Anyone that continues to watch him after that, is indeed exactly what people call them.

Anyone that asked for catch up mechanics did, usually because they didn’t care to specify and Blizzard came up with something as a compromise. Looks like your post about ‘they don’t listen to feedback’ was wrong too.

Proceeds to continue a post at me, looks like you were wrong and lied again.

You must have a lot of experience.

Nah, I sure wouldn’t. I also wouldn’t go on stream to lie just to get money, either. Moral compass and all that.


lmao they don’t have a job, sorry.

It is fake, which is proven fake by Blizzards published MAU for Wow and talking about how any dip in players is the same as it has been for previous expansions. In fact, SL had been doing stronger than the previous expansion last call.

You did open this thread to post in it.

I haven’t liked a single post in here, proven wrong again. You don’t do any of your own research, woopsie.

I don’t follow, is the forum guidelines your proof? Am I supposed to look for something specific? I really don’t see anyhting related. I’m not asking for specific data. Yet again, you’re simply stating that you gave me evidence and sources, without actually saying anything relevant or refering to any sources, unless the forum guidelines is your source, for whatever reason.

Oh no, youtubers are destroying the gaming culture and everyone but me is too dumb to stop it! Youtubers are wrong and everyone who watches their videos is wrong! Read your daily news! Only I am right, I produce spam posts as often as Belular releases his videos!

It’s completely not the case that belular was shilling for blizzard for 3 years until he got fed up playing a game he stopped enjoying, as everybody else. It’s absolutely not the case that pyromancer imploded because something he loved and made him do lore videos was destroyed in his eyes. As if youtubers aren’t the gaming culture themselves and their views do not reflect what everybody that follows them thinks, not the other way around. They do not shape reality of gaming, they exploit reality that already is there. They are giving people a confirmation of their own thoughts.


I’d be careful with that. As much as I disagree with OP and some others in here, that sentence reeks of confirmation bias.

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It is exactly what the youtubers give. Confirmation bias. It’s exactly what the internet is for, definitely not the truth, just stroking your own ego and finding enough people that will agree with you to be able to justify you are right deep inside. Everyone just hears what they want to hear. If I think blizzard is dying and youtuber thinks the same, there are a bunch of people forming an echo chamber. It doesn’t matter if its true or not true. There is one simple fact tho. The youtuber thinks that most of the time and you as a person think that too. As far as i know everyone is free to think what they want and agree with whoever they want.

The internet is just a tool and what you get out of it only depends on how you use it. There’s plenty truth. You just need to be careful where you’re looking and make sure you don’t look for things that you already have your mind made up about.

Confirmation bias is definitely not the purpose of the internet.

The only reason certain groups can form, like flat earthers for example, is confirmation bias caused by the internet. On top of that, just because it’s confirmation bias doesn’t mean it’s a lie. There is an equal amount of lies and truths on the internet and whichever side you chose or believe in, you will fall into confirmation bias.

That some groups are allowed to form due to unmoderated misinformation does not mean that’s the purpose of the internet. I use the internet to look up things I don’t know or am not sure about, not to confirm things I already believe. I don’t see the reason to search for something I’m already convinced of, but I agree that a lot of people do and there’s a lot of echo chambers, as evident by OP who doesn’t seem to want anything to do with people with a different opinion.

Yeah, things like that happen on the internet, but that doesn’t make it the entire purpose of it, even if what you’re “confirming” is not a lie.

correction - he was shilling for blizz as it was his unique niche .

now that all wow hating youtubers are gone he filled their niche and finally can make $$ of of hating wow.

dont worry - they will be back soon - preach already admited he lost most of his viewers once he stopped makign wow videos - if it wasnt for money from indie companies making him promote crappy games he would be beck to wow already

Whatever you learn on the internet doesn’t necessarily have to be the truth. Internet is for exchanging opinions and has limited access to data. Even the data for those videos is incomplete. On the internet data based on research is equably valuable as agitated opinions of many people. Number of people believing in something establishes the truth. For example you have things like historical data. Every country, America, Germany, France, Poland, UK perceives history of WWII differently with different numbers, sometimes different intentions and dates. We are all inclined our version is the truth and we do live in an echo chamber, even by language and education alone. Majority of our knowledge, even the things we are thought at school, come from an echo chamber. You will never find true truth on the internet, just the most popular opinion. Please remember that even Wikipedia is edited on consensus of people who are sometimes biased.

From an MMO perspective there are far better and more balanced guys out there (Josh Strife Hayes, for example) who offer greater insight and a solid non-bias viewpoint simply delivering good quality information rather than Bellular who does indeed know his stuff (though I will always laugh when he was waxing lyrical about FF14, then two weeks later said he was looking forward to getting more abilities when hitting level 30, like bruh, you’ve not even been anywhere in FF at that level) but actively markets his channel towards that audience of ‘wham bam, negativity across the board’.

I did find one thing quite funny, and this more anecdoctal, he bangs on about bad game design and how things should be done. Now this is all well and good, if you’ve got the resume to back it up (see Dreamworld and subsequently Nightmare World for evidence of youtubers backing up their talk), the problem is, is that he and his team haven’t actually developed, anything, in 5 or so years, so I can see why some do get irked at him banging the drum of bad design whilst actually never having designed something himself despite being a self-proclaimed game designer/journalist, that is always going to rub people up the wrong way.

There is nothing closer to love than hate. I do not worry about youtubers, I have my own negative views but I don’t like to listen to negativity or be in an echo chamber so I sometimes watch (once in a blue moon) Taliesin and Evitel which are mostly positive or that pink girl that talks about pets. I used to look up some Pyromancer videos too and I sympathize with him.