This loot system

This loot system is a bad joke a sunday morning…

you are allowed to “loot need on EVERYTHING” in raid… but when you play with 5 of your friends you cannot trade items you dont need to em… why are blizzard using this system ? its so bulls…

  • sips coffee * … ahh you must new around here

welcome to World of Warcraft, where everything is a Hunters weapon and everyone Ninja’s loot

When pl was up, i remember that i got 1 loot / wings (avg 3 bosses).

Nowdays i got 0 loot from all wings/week.


And they said personal loot was bad…
At least you could trade that.And things actually dropped…things for the classes in your raid.
Combined with extra rolls,it was the best system.

Current system for LFR freaking sucks, back to greedy sods rolling NEED on stuff to vendor.

Give me PL any day for pugged content.


But you can trade things you need on.

had a friend trade me the lfr smolderon sword for tmog despite it being a upgrade for his alt.

Yes in Raids, while in M+ it’s ilvl locked.

I so want this back.


Me tooo…please please pretty please.


We returned to cataclysm ds raid finder, where many people need items for no use to offer it as trade or to sell it. Joke

Wtf are you talking about? I won and traded away a staff that was an ilvl upgrade for me to a random druid, with PL if something was an ilvl upgrade it instantly became soulbound.

When everyone is doing it, is it really ninjaing anymore?

Vendor? They resell it within a raid

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