This server is absolutely dead! what is going on?

not being funny but there literally 44 people online on the alliance side, I’ve never witnessed such a low population on a server not ever! i left the game 4 months ago because it got to the point where no one was playing and i couldn’t level because it was too difficult to quest alone and couldn’t get no help i mean this is supposed to be an mmo i play this to play with other people this game isn’t made to be played alone is it? where is the fun in that? i thought i would give it some time for more players to join and yesterday i re-subbed and there’s less players than there was then… im flabbergasted and now it says i have to pay an extra £19 to get my toon transferred to a more populated server just so i can play with other people is this some sort of joke? how can that be justified to players like me and i’m sure there are others? are there any plans to merge this server with other ones? or do blizz only want to take your money and don’t care about winding people up because i dont feel like paying £10 a month to play an mmo on my own lol an answer from an admin would be much appreciated! thanks.

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