This server is Dead

When will this server group be merged with a higher population server so the world does not feel dead. TBC Classic has opened my eyes to how populated a world can be. Shadowlands does not have this same feeling. Except when grouped with anyone from a high population server like Silvermoon or Argent Dawn. When will you fix this problem.

Also very difficult to recruit people for a raid roster in the connected realms current state.

Just to Clarify im not talking about the servers RP ecosystem im discussing the emptyness and lack of endgame group content.

Rédemption 4/10mythic recruiting for Sanctum


Our cluster probably is the lowest populated of The RP realms, and if the “news” are to be believed, the world of warcraft in general has seen some depopulation over the last… year?

I wouldn’t call it ‘dead’, though, I was at an event the week before last, with a nice turnout. That being said, I wouldn’t say our “vitals are normal”, either…

I feel we’re kind of like that scene in The Wolf Of Wall Street, where Leo’s character had gotten some shady stuff in his system. :woozy_face:


I also wouldn’t call this server “dead”. sure, the low population is a thing, but RP wise we have planned events on a weekly and monthly basis, and there are enough raiders to join,
Ebon blade and Carpe Cerevici have mythic dungeon groups, raids on mythic and heroic, and a social heroic raid on Sundays if people wish to join.

this is not TBC classic,or a high population server, but we are definitely not dead


The only reasonable realm connection I can see happening is with Defias+, since AD is both too big and rather vocal about not wanting to connect with anyone else. However, while a connection with Defias would be very beneficial for RPers, I see very little improvement it would bring to the non-RP side of things.

If your main focus is endgame instead of RP, then your best shot is moving to a high-pop PvE realm that can offer a much wider access to people who have the same aspirations. SGC is not an attractive destination for raiders or PvPers, so if you are serious about progression it would be most beneficial to seek it elsewhere. Personally I use SGC for RP and a proper PvE realm for PvE, and it’s working out perfectly. 10/10 would recommend.


A combination with AD, while good for me and my alts, would be awful.
AD is very cliquey. Has it’s ways, it’s groups, who want to control other groups.
Merging would be very bad.
But merging with quieter servers would potentially be quite good.

There’s always going to be people who are like “Our server is better!” There’s still people like that between moonglade, Sha’tar and Steamwheedle, But meh, ignore those fools. =D

Our servers are not dead, just… on life support.
The whole game is pretty quiet right now. Which effects us as well.
The opinion of Shadowlands is very “Meh” from most people, including myself.
People are also quite burned out.

All this combined gives the illusion that the game is deader than it is. It’s just on life support, it will return, guarantee it!


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