This Week in WoW: 10 April 2023

This Week in WoW: 10 April 2023

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. Here’s what you can look forward to this week as we keep slipping down the Turbulent Timeways toward the release of Embers of Neltharion on May 3.

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What? I thought Zeralek doesn’t come till May 3rd?


Where there not Reputation for WoD Dungeons or did they changed it? Because I got none during the Timewalks.

Big W tbh.

Yeah, it 13th April and there is nothing that I can find in game to point to any Zaralek Caverns content…

Nobody cares about mythic+ thx.

U promised banner elite where is it?

The only non-boosted content is world questing at this point, so why should I care about mythic+, if rating can be gained by any wallet warrior lol?

Maybe… instead of making affixes easier for people doing keys below 20 as well, maybe remove boosting, or implement a soloqueue M+, where people cannot get boosted. If you actually wanna improve the lower level experience, and add any form of integrity to your game, make it, so I don’t have to fear every time I invite someone, if they are boosted, or not. This is giving me a headache more than any affix ever could. Boosted wallet warriors are the biggest and most annoying affix in the entire game, and I do not know, how to reasonably differentiate them from honest players. For the player, who tries to honestly pug to 2k or 2.5k rating, boosting is the worst part of the game by far and by a large margin imo.

Pretty sure that’s just some sort of preveiw coming up for the caverns on the 13th lol not the actual in-game content caverns.

To little to late. There, I said it.

DF is a very weak expansion to do that. Just…focus on Classic ( Vanilla Classic and past WoTLK ) and the new expansion. DF is already meh at best.

No, that stopped in MoP. MoP introduced many, many dailies to get faction rep. The memories…

You can wear the race faction tabards and get rep with them though.

It can not be MoP as I know there whas a week in WoD where if you go in Mythic Draenor inis you get rep for the factions. What I want to know if it where only this weeks and now they are done you need instead get the rep through Timewalk currency?

It’s ugly, who cares?

It’s cool and they promised, please man.

Maybe this week is wow for joke for lying, not sure.

But i want that banner still.

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