This Week in WoW: 12 February 2024

This Week in WoW: 12 February 2024

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. Hearthstone looks ahead toward celebrating 10 Years in the Tavern and WoW Hardcore launches Self-Found Mode on 29 February.

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Well it’s not really new. It’s just never been made available until now, it was datamined alongside the blue one when that one was given out. Still, better late than never!


No mention of Compass Rose though. Hopefully it’s hidden in “Hearthstone matches in capital cities from 11 March to 18 March.”, which give “other fun new Hearthstone-themed rewards”.

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I’m much more interested in the hat. I hope I don’t have to play actual hearthstone honestly; I don’t like that game at all.

They need to make Self-Found Mode on a new server or it destroys the whole idea.

If they launch it on the existing Hardcore Realms the whole idea will be DOA (Dead On Arrival).

Please don’t do this mistake.

If that dwarf hunter image didn’t have the WoW Hardcore logo on that, I’d rock that as a sick wallpaper.

There you go.
Not the best photoshop edit, but I didn’t want to spend long on it. Hope it’ll do. :smiling_face:

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Just in case others are viewing this… and think that this doesn’t look right… it’s because it’s not right. At one point with an earlier roadmap post, it shows that Cataclysm Beta was suppose to have been before Self found dropped… Now, Cataclysm has been pushed back to sometime in mid to late March.

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Me love you long time!

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Demon Hunter PvP nerfs, when blizzard?

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Is PvP still a thing? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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