This Week in WoW: 18 September 2023

This Week in WoW: 18 September 2023

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. The icy winds of Icecrown Citadel will sweep the lands of Northrend beginning the week of 10 October. Will you and your allies have what it takes to face the Lich King in his stronghold?

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Do wonder… If you were to lick the frostmourne, will your tongue stick to it?

Even when shattered?

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So there’s a satchel on top of icecrown? :upside_down_face:

Will the Random Dungeon Finder (RDF) be CROSSREALM or not?

And again for Europe it’s thursday night so two raiding days wasted…

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When is the arena season ending? Hopefully you haven’t forgotten about this lesser known game aspect :slight_smile: .

Not for another 5 weeks at the very least.

2 weeks actually (hot off the press):

Ah… That’s Wrath. I thought you were talking about Retail. :sweat_smile:

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