Thoughts on Overwolf?

As long as wowup exists im using it. Once it stops working I’ll download addons manually. Overwolf is terrible


Thanks to this post i found a replacement.

Lightweight. No heavy backend. Single exe. Updates are a bit slower but i dont care. I am not installing overcrap.


Even if that’s true, are you saying you’re happy to get paid that ~10$/per month for your time?
In my mind that could just aswell have been 0$ (or that 200$ payout).

I’ve got WoWUp/manual installation for WoW, and GDLauncher for Minecraft mods, both better alternatives to Overwolf.
So it’s useless to me.

I use WowUP alot of people says Overwolf is shady platform and cannot be trusted,cuz of selling user data

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How’s it theft. The API Clients get them from Curseforge directly they dont have anything to do with the downloading. You use Curseforge so you can let people download it.

Another point, you agree when you make an addon using Blizzard’s APIs that you do not profit from it. Donating, Patreon, backdoor premium features via a website and client, and now Overwolf is perverting the addon rules and I hope Blizzard put a stop to it like the eventually did with botting.

They’d be utterly stupid to covertly record user data in a time of GDPR; they’d be fined into oblivion.

However that anonymous data they collect means that they have software on your machine collecting that data to begin with. That doesn’t sit right with me.

A point to note though, Google, Amazon and Facebook, being the worst, collect far more intimate details from you. Why do you think Google offer free emails, they scan your emails for usable data. If an app serves you ads then it’s doing some sort of data recording.

If wowup gets its access revoked, I’d probably just write a python script that updates my addons automatically… It’s not that hard to do, and can be done with just plain http, no curseforge API needed, really.

So… no overwolf for me either.

Just download them and unzip into the addon folder, it means you can cut the crappy twitch app and overwolf.

I did not say that, I just said that the info he is spreading, is 100% wrong, and actually never has been true either. When the reward program from Curseforge came into existence, it was as low as $5 already. And you don’t have to do that on a monthly basis, you can ask for a payout whenever.

I just don’t like people BSing on something because of their own personal bias, and then feel the need to spread LIES about it in the hope others will fall for their BS.

Incorrect. It’s 100% allowed if you would actually read the rules you mention.
As long as addons are FREE to download and have no premium thing. It does not violate their policy. Both my addons and the CurseForge app are free, which means without permission, wowup is stealing the addons from their legal owners…

And to prove that I actually know what I am talking about, here, have a blue post with the ACTUAL addon policy, instead of the lies you try to spread.

I actually like Overwolf more than Cursforge on Twitch, for one simple reason. When I wanna update my WoW addons, Overwolf actually does what I want it to do: it opens my WoW retail addon list.
Twitch however, would always start up with the PTR plugin list, a feature that I maybe use once in a decade.
So you had to perform several mouse clicks every time to change the list to Retail, and there was no option to set your default choice. This went on for years despite people complaining, and it slowly wore me down.

lol no it doesn’t, you even said so just before…

You can’t steal something that’s free. On top of that, CurseForge is providing this API publicly. You can’t steal online content either, because you’re copying.

Speaking of which, you are actually spreading that BS yourself…

Wowup isn’t stealing anything. They’re scraping from other sources. Which the entire industry does where ever possible. It is actually in all regards considered allowed.

The other thing your not truthful about. That cease and desist letter.
Have you actually read it? Sure, they didn’t use those specific words, but the meaning was pretty clear about being just that.

Nice way of not spreading that BS…

One important thing to mention here is that you should be very wary of integrated ads regardless of software manufacturer.

The thing that you keep reading about, how ads give malware, is not the fault of the website owner, or even the ad network. It’s the fault of the people who buy ad space and upload malicious code.

And the thing that’s supposed to protect you is your browser.

Thing is… When you are running ads inside of an app, it means that the app has a built-in “browser” (or similar capability) in order to display those ads.

Normally if you are running a browser from Google or Mozilla or Apple, those companies take browser security VERY seriously, and will patch out security flaws, such as the ones that allows ad malware, really, really quickly. Usually before it’s even widespread enough to do damage to a lot of people.

Apps with ads usually don’t.

They will update their software maybe every month or so with new features, and during that update they may also update the relevant bits of software pretending to be a browser to show ads. But generally they don’t. Because it’s not important. And it takes time away from important things like making sure people cannot update more than 2 addons at a time without premium.

This means that every time you load up the app, this very old and very vulnerable “mini browser” will run, and it will happily execute the InstallRansomware() function hidden in the ad code, a function that was discovered and blocked months ago in every single browser… except in the app you just launched.

So be wary ye who launch Overwolf, here be dragons.
And not the nice Bronze Dragonflight kind.

How did you do that? I’m looking to do the same.
[EDIT] Never mind couldn’t be bothered with the hassle, uninstalled Overwolf with extreme prejudice and installed WowUp instead.

couldnt update a out of date deadly boss mods on ajour
so downloaded wowup and done with it instead

WoW UP do that also for you,and can update ElvUI directly from WowUP same as any other addon, no need to go on Tukui site anymore.

Funny, wowup themselves has confessed by now that they never actually got a cease and desist letter. You might want to make sure you got your facts right before you spread more lies.

wowup is spreading other people their intellectual property, without their permission, and they are obtaining it by abusing unauthorized access from an API that was not created by CurseForge, but by a 3rd party by illegally reverse engineering the upload and download calls between the old CF website and the server. That is two felony’s and a misdemeanor.

Calling a public API isn’t scraping.

No, WowUp didn’t get a cease and desist:


:point_up: goes for you as well.

Had to chuckle a little here, because you’re downloading it from CurseForge, WowUp uses all the tools that CurseForge publicly provides, including the downloads. You’re not downloading the addons from WowUp, you’re downloading them from CurseForge through the CurseForge API.

You might want to make sure you got your facts right before you spread more lies.

Uhm, the API even has documentation online :eyes:

You might want to make sure you got your facts right before you spread more lies.

You mean by reading the documentation and figuring out how things work?

You might want to make sure you got your facts right before you spread more lies.

Also interesting how you’re focusing on WowUp CurseForge, while there are a dozen more addon managers out there that work exactly the same, and there are more addon providers out there like WowInterface and TukUI.

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