Tickets - Actual chat help?

HI there, Looking for a GM. Dont need haters, trolls or people who just wanna argue or disagree with me.
I pay to play, same as 10s of thousands of others. When I have a problem I really dont think its fair to have to troll through thousands of subjects to find nothing relevent. What happened to tickets?
We are paying players, are our problems not relevent anymore? Are we just cash cows? Why have you made it so difficult to address a GM, to open a ticket?
I’d threaten to stop playing, but I really believe you dont care enough about your players to contact me.
Please please please please Think about your players, make it easier to solve our problems by making your GM’s more available, Stop wasting my gaming time. Please contact me on one of my many chars in-game, thanks,

I realise this is probably a bit late and you’re probably sorted by now … but GM’s don’t generally deal with ticket issues from the forums. The guys who wander around the forums are people like you or I, or customer service guys … who don’t generally deal with tickets.

There are several ways to raise a ticket … in-game by pressing the ? button, then selecting support and the “contact support” tab at the top. There is also the ability to raise a ticket from your account through your browser.

I do understand when you say it’s difficult to open a ticket … especially for those of us who don’t do it very often so it’s a new experience each time, however, I suspect they’ve done it that way in order to try and guide people through the self-help route first.

I know from experience that if you set up shop and say “help is available here” … then 90% of questions will be very easy to solve and would require only a little bit of common sense or reading of help guides. I know this, because I’m married to someone who, when a window pops up asking what he wants to do … and the only option is to press “continue” … he STILL ASKS! :stuck_out_tongue:

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