Tier 2 Arms Set Bonus for PVP?

Amount of bonus is half when i hit PVP dummy, 2 set is even %2 crit&crit dmg.

Is these set bonusses even worth it ? At least 4 piece ?

Hands and Chest gives haste&versatility, i am thinking of just equip 2 piece and don’t mix my secondary stats on other set pieces. Just equip regular pvp pieces with Haste mainly seems better idea ?



Not been updated on arms in a while, but if you go to the warrior themed discord, Skyhold, and go into the PVP section, they are sure to know and will help you out.

Just avoid the overzealos or ‘after dark’ people and you will come out better than this forum and I can do with up to date Warrior PvP knowledge :+1:

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