Tier set that forces you to play certain talents - change this plz

Change that tier sets mentality, its no fun, itst not good, just stop.

I hate when I have to play certain TALENTS that are not BASELINE THINGS to get my tier set value. What if I don’t want to be budget feral as an arms warrior, what if I don’t want 30 different useless bleeds?

Thunderous roar is complete poooop. I don’t like to press it nor play it but Im forced to because stupid talent below it for +15% bleed damage at all times. I can’t play spear, because spear does not have something like this, and tier set increases my rend damage and makes it proc sudden death for wettowelcute. 4 set makes execute from proc THUNDER CLAP so I even have to spec thunderclap so I can have value of spreading rend with it…

Think 4 set should be: Spear of bastion also increases your crit strike chance by 15%/damage by 15%.

So we get beatiful display of current design: 2 set = +15% rend dmg 4set = spear bonus
So everyone plays some random garbage talents. (And yea, I say 15% coz PvP, don’t mind it)

But I guess its better than last season +2% crit chance and crit dmg while other classes get +15% damage on main abilities… Crit dmg back to 50% in pvp, but arms tier set is filld with crit chance… But I tought nothing can top this… Why isn’t rend baseline/auto apply, can’t wait for tier set bonus including PvP talents so all the raiding guys can enjoy.

Roar is yikes, noone likes to press it, but everyone has to play it for bleed damage, spear bugs out 24/7, if it doesn’t on its own, people just use mobility during pull if they fast enough and they get out, or just press defensive everytime since its 1m30 now.

Skull banner removed, 25%crit strike damage, tthat could be 1tapd like war banner defo too broken.

Why does warrior have to be so unfun? Why we got most sweaty ability from SL in worst version of it (1min vs 1min30cd, arcane dmg vs physical dmg, you can even parry/dodge that now, bop it, cloak it, bug it)

I swear just reintroduce necro banner as +10% dmg for 20 sec in 30yd range and prevent dropping under 100% move speed, with 2min->1min30 talent and another +5% dmg talent.

This is way more fun than this we got now. Even weapon specs were removed, probably lazy from devs to make 3 weapon types on vendor so we could change around. Now we cant change anything at all beside PVP talents.

And all good suff they add to warrior is locked in the damn pvp talents, there is only 3 damn slots man, disarm baseline? anything? Reflect in BFA was in pvp talent, 3 sec reflect all, how I regret complaining about it, coz when we got it baseline I realized how good it was in bfa, when people couldnt fire blast it of, random pet taking it away, hell even playing rebound rarely makes difference with current game, everything can proc it off, even if there is no damage reflected.

Damn I way more liked spamming condemn like a dumbo 24/7 than this bleeding mania.
Even if its best way around to play, I hate that I can’t really try anything else because everything is around a talent. Don’t pick rend, don’t play tier set - do literally negative damage into plate.


Its fine, go away with your spear fantasy. We used to play this shot which roots you at the same place all SL, in addition in sanguine weeks you lose massive dps or you heal npcs often. I was happy spear isnt a thing anymore when i came back in S2 DF. It should stay that way. Even if im one of few - i really like the combo of big hits + massive bleeds which btw. Helps us big time with target cap. Only thing we need is a proper rage dump. Especially now, when haste and crit increasing even more.


“wettowelcute” heheh l like this.
gonna use this word whenever i have a chance now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

P.S agree with everything + gimme my good old trusty heroic strike back!

To reply to both of you, since first one stated a problem a second one stated a fix. Only reliable fix to rage dump is heroic strike. I legit can’t see what else can they do for it, baseline 1sec gcd to be able to dump all of it? Sudden death instead making execute free and usable make it usable but cost 80 rage and hit twice as hard? Ye gl in PvP with it, esp wih rend procing it. God bless I don’t pve no more coz Id be malding having to press overpower on 100 rage 24/7. But I can’t see any other way of playing rn, unless you overpower and heroic strike. Avatar gives rage, warbreaker is free, it just yells out to get you mortal and heroic strike for big pump

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