Tier Sets in Dragonflight

Raids will be mandatory for crafters who wants to craft mythic ilvl gear because the parts needed to craft it is only accesible in raids what it should be thats for mythic raiding ilvl gear. It drops in normal, hc tho at reduced rate.

I tend to do a little bit of everything myself, and I’d like separate progression for raids, pvp and m+. All of those are highly different from each other ans appeal to different playerbases. I’m sure you wouldn’t enjoy it if pet battle dungeons gave a piece of mythic-raid gear every week. That’s how people who focus on one part of the game feel. Some raiders dislike m+, some m+ players find raids too big of a time commitment, and PvPers don’t want to “slay dragons”.

Exactly. People just want to play a part of the game they individually like. Forcing them to see their “remarkable” work in other parts is just bad for their experience, and they feel like WoW is an obligation, not a game they should enjoy for the money they pay.

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