Tier Sets in Dragonflight

Just a quick question - does anybody know if there is any way for players who do not raid to get tier sets in Dragonflight? Cause if there isn’t, does that mean PvP and M+ players who do raid are superior to those who don’t? Thanks.

Not confirmed

If they dont, then yes raiding will become mandatory.

Like it was always ? Pre catalyst they were superior . Pre shadowlands also .

Think they will bring back the catalyst back. Why shouldnt they? Would be stupid.

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Most likely, hopefuly, they will. I just hope they get rid of their stupid timegate . It opens after 2 months and then one piece a week, so pretty much like midseason … lame

I hope the class design is just so good that you won’t need the tier set and it’s just a nice to have for raids. With that said I hope those sets can only be used in raids

u will always need the tier sets

they have to balance ur class around having them as otherwise raiders will be stupidly overpowered when they have em.

Why do you need the tier set? Nathria had none. And the rng loot during sepulcher was disheartening

No your correct.

But as they didnt exist, your class wasnt nerfed or left short in areas for the tier set pieces to effectively fill.

Tier sets are effectively the orginal borrowed power.

And just like ur class is worse off for not using the conduits and covenant abilities. Ur class will naturally be worse off not using a tier set

We can only hope. Alike the final patch, the new expansion also gets a forge which allows u to turn items into tier set for a cost in currency

Its why i didnt really want them to return.

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Ah ok yeah that’s true! And I also hope for the forge in dragonflight but without the heavy gating ^^

Yeah forge is prolly the best outcome of this. While i csn see why things like tier sets are liked. It changes things up every season. I just never rly liked the fact i dont find em healthy to only come from one content.

It will kinda undo their whole new proffession system to then gate solo players behind another set of gates.


Exactly the thing I fear

i am hoping for a separation, stop it making Raid-Items BIS for M+. And im not talking about 1% Upgrades, but things like Gavel, OWS.

You find BIS Items for raiding in raid, you can find BIS PVP Items at PVP-Vendor, but when you only want to play M+ you can never get BIS.

They should just make Tiersets for each content, which only can be usable in the content. No one would have a problem with that, no one would be forced to do content he doenst like.

Terrible idea tbh why would they make tier sets if only will be activated in raids makes 0 sense

Well first of all they will timegate it the first few weeks its blizzard common dont get your hopes up they will. I hope the catalyst will be in DF but not confirmed yet. Lastly the looks of the tier sets looks solid.

Except everybody is already forced to do M+ because of how much of a loot Pinata it is.
Nobody can seriously do raid progression without doing at the very least a few M+ for the weekly chest, especially early in a season.

So if you wanna cry about how you are “forced” to step a foot in raid, then first ask Blizzard to heavily nerf M+ as a gearing method so we are not forced to do M+ to make a proper raid progression.

Or just keep things like that and accept that an optimized character should require investment in multiple parts of the game.

How about asking Blizzard to make the two separate gearing paths like PvE and PvP are instead?

Well, I understand the appeal of the idea, the whole “only do the content you love” thing, but I’m not fully convinced.

It’s great if you really are into a single type of content, but for any player who actually play multiple contents, IMO it feels much better when whatever you do will help your overall progression, than having different progressions completelly separated for each activity you will do.

As i said. Easy fix do Content spcecific gear. Oh wow you can get some mediocre gear i dont know compare Gavel, Jaithys with m+ weapons. Still you cant stand anything against the fact only m+ players need to do another content for bis gear. Its only fair then having another loot system. What is doing some 15s for a raider with hc gear? 20-30 min with 1/4 of your Raid.

For BIS gear, sure, you are right.

But early in the season, before thinking about BIS, someone who doesn’t play M+ will be like, 15 overall ilvl behind every raider who do by the end of first progress week, which is a bigger deal than having one specific piece of BIS gear.