Time for a balance pass of the game?

Yes yes, we all know you’re working so hard at making rogues even more powerful in the next expansion. But that’s not an excuse to not do balance passes in the current game where players pay a monthly subscription.

It not even hard,

  1. git checkout v9.2.7

  2. Check what classes are overperforming and are highly overresponded, do small tweak.

  3. git push origin master

And you can go back to creating new trees and critters for the expansion.

You are the only company getting away with this lack of maintenance. And to be honest I’m not sure that you will do for much longer. The game is bleeding payers heavily, do you really think they all magically come back if you don’t change what’s fundamentally wrong with your processes instead of just slapping on new paint on the rusty shell.

Not uncommon to do 20games in an evening and only face the same dps+healer, we all know which once.

And yes I know they wont read, I know even if they read the wont care to do anything, and yes I will of course keep playing. But it’s nothing wrong to hope and demand more of a company that are valued higher then most of this worlds country’s GDP’s combined.

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There’s like 4 weeks max left of the season. No chance we see any more tuning.

That’s not a real excuse tho, and to be honest even more the reason to implement fixes for the last weeks (and lets not kid ourselves, will be October and November at least). 2400rating have never been this unbalanced class wise, blizzard basically saying reroll if you want achievements and mounts.

It’s not an excuse at all, however it is the reality.

I agree with you that it’s needed, but they’re not going to change anything. We’ve not seen any substantial changes all season, and now we’re quickly approaching the end and it would be naive to think that we will. We’re just going to be gaslighted into thinking that all the time is being spent on DF and WoTLK.

Current state of SL PvP is what we’re going to have until the end of the expansion, mark my words.

Of course, but we need ways and voices to demand change, it will just be the same unbalanced, no patches, thing in next expansion and even more people quitting so PvP will just die from no players.

Lets use the forum to AIR OUT THE BAD SMELL, instead of defending them with don’t bother it wont help… (we all no it wont help) :slight_smile:

They wont make any balance changes now, its pointless. Would be nice if they made alting easier. Pre-patch will be more interesting imo - there’s always calls for huge nerfs in pre-patches as well.

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