Time for a Catch up?

Hi all.

I have been totally all over this new Profession system this entire expansion. It’s been fantastic! I have been proactive in using it, selling my crafts on both AH and in Trade Chat.

But today I had the recipe for the new Healing Potion drop on one of my alts. Sweet, I thought. Well I have 135 Knowledge points to find to make it remotely useful. That will take a few months to reach.

That feels pretty bad. Especially at this point of the expansion, when the value of crafted items are at a low and continuing to drop.

Now, I would expect a free ride. But I don’t think doubling the number of Knowledge points earned should be out of the question at this stage of the game. It will still take time to achieve your goals, but it will become less of a drag getting there.

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I said this would be a problem at the start of the expac and got laughed at by everyone especially those who abused the system and got massive amounts of KP by exploiting.

If blizzard wanted to introduce a catchup they would have done it in 10.2, we are at the end of expansion right now where people are going to have alot of dead time that they can use to level KP the long and hard way.

As a Person who spend expansion to max out proffesions and get max knowlage in LW i am agenst catch up system.

Why shoud people get catchup in something that is 100% about making gold and not player power ?

I have also spent the entire expansion doing professions. And have probably made more gold than you doing so.

But, besides the unnecessary flex there (sorry), I am also a WoW player, so I recognise that professions are as much a feature of the game that players like to enjoy.

We’re at a point in the expansion now, where there is very little profit in any crafts. But the game is starting to introduce new basic items, such as the new Healing Potion.

As I pointed out in the OP, this dropped on an alt that I hadn’t progressed in Professions. And it felt absolutely awful knowing that it would now take months for me to up to speed to be able to craft this basic commodity at a basic rate.

And then by the time I am upto speed, the expansion will be over. Professions as they stand right now in the expansions have a fraction of the value that they held 6 months ago.

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The whole idea how you get KP i would isnt considered “work”, its 5 minutes each week on your character. Even during the course of an entire expansion that only amounts to a couple of hours spent “working”.

The knowledge system is not work-gated its timegated, and timegated stuff needs catchup.

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IF it woud be system like Artefact power or azerite power , or any other system that is direc tied to player power then 100% Yes , but this one isnt , it is 100% gold power system so i see no point in catch up

Not really. It’s not just about Gold power. It’s actually created an enjoyable game to play. It’s created social interaction in an MMO.

I woud argue oposite , if reaching max level crafting take a lot of time investment and there is small poll of players that have it it create more sociall interaction than when everyone have it cos it just take few moments on new alt to get max proffesion

I have 3 character with maxed out professions and another 3 or 4 on their way.

Whilst it was definitely useful and profitable nearer the start of the expansion. At this point it’s not really worth such a tight lock out.

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