Time for me to move on

Hi folks,

Unfortunately I have come to the decision to quit classic wow. No matter the reasons I’d like to leave this message to all on Hydraxian Waterlords, especially the Horde.

I was there from the very start, I formed Eternal and went through much effort to establish communication between the different guilds on the realm. I have talked to many of you and have had a wonderful time. A month or two ago I passed Eternal on to Krag and am now leaving the game indefinitely.

I hope to have left a positive mark on this realm and it’s community and wish you all fun times ahead.

Good luck everyone.


Sad to see players leave classic, well leave or not, classic gives you unforgettable memories from the start when you’re a nobody leveling to the very end when you’re raiding with 39 players, it’s a magical experience, something you wouldn’t get from retail.

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