Time for Phase 2

Hey Blizzard, people are hungry for content here!

PvP is unplayable due to crazy healing at these levels and constant premades.
Raid has been cleared many times by those who wanted and the rest is just feeding the GDKP machine.
Economy is overrun by bots and every farming spot is overcrowded as hell.

Dont let SoD die pls, the later phases can be longer, but the world is way too small at this point.


It’s only been out for 1 month you know?
The whole points with SoD is to create a new classic experience without having people to stress to max level or end game. And this don’t only mean by having one toon, but also testing several. SoD is the ultimate classic experience where no rush to end game content is needed. Enjoy the game and stop rush.

Out of ideas or things to do? Go back to retail, try a new alt in SoD or Wotlk a bit. I can definitely wait another month before P2, no need to stress. It’s far away from dying and no need to release P2 to early.


No, im enjoying my 3 toons. Loads of things still to do! So Blizz, take your time with p2. I rather have a nice next season then a half done, fast finished one.


If phase 2 dropped now, I would be extremely disappointed. I am loving the current level cap and def not ready to do more levelling yet.


yes but people are on vacation

Sure OP, just keep spamming the same dumb topic cause you hate the game

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SoD is fine. I spend my time testing different classes and specs, not sure what I will go for as a main in P2 and forward, I assume other people are in similar position.


Touch some grass.


To be fair, its not been a month, i get people dont wanna wait foreber nor do i, but i feel its abit early on to start these posts.

As far as im aware expect late january by player expectations.

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phase 2 is coming mid january and nothing is going to change that

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Yeah, phase 2 please. Since there is no chance to get into the raid there is not much to do if you don’t like pvp…

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Dont think phase 2 on new years eve is a good idea XD

Holding it back is fine, in fact a critical selling point: you can participate in all activities with limited (healthier) hours.

One of the things SoD offers is keeping the pack together.
And time to play with specific runes.
Leveling one character takes like 20 hours? That’s like a week at least.
Realms were full or locked until recently (some still are).

Leveling zones are chock full of people day and night.
(On PvE, possibly people focus less on Ashenvale thus less layering yoyo.)

The unique part of SoD ends with phase 2 anyway. Phase 4 is the usual endgame with phase 3 being the usual preparation for it. We may get a BRS raid or a budget Naxx10, but still.

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Apart of the fact that this was not announced and exists only in your head

I’m enjoying the low pressure of SOD. Just started levelling my 1st alt and hoping to get to 25 before phase2. Plenty of classes to try if one is ahead, end of Jan would be perfect for me.


100% agree. I feel for the casuals that still want more time to experience things but, I agree lvl 25 simply is too limited to play for this long. 40 i could accept.

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I’m pretty sure one month after you hit 40, you will be the same guy QQing about phase 3. YOu just gotta understand that not everyone could spend 7-10h daily


You do realize there is a guy that leveled all classes that just randomly showed up on reddit 5 days ago. I’m sure anyone could max out 3 characters by now with even low effort. The reason you need longer phase is because you are playing very inefficiently.

I solo grinded up 500g by now only farming. Have WSG rep been to BFD every reset. Most people don’t even play alts. It’s only because they have nothing to do.

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I am qqing from 2 weeks ago, the only ones that want this to continue are mediocres and bot masters.

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The roadmap is set, which part of it is not clear to you? Make an alt, play something else, go outside irl and come back once p2 is out.

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