Time for same faction BGs in SoD?

Saturday night, horde.
28 minutes in WSG Q and still waiting.
There’s around 75 active BGs on the list so clearly a lot of people are playing, just way more horde than alliance, like usual.
Gonna be a while before I get those juicy exalted wrists.

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Always been this way for horde, in vanilla, classic and now sod

just get a premade and stop crying

Like that would change anything.
I guess we could tell each other stories while we wait 30+ mins to get in…

it’s much faster

33mins for a pop and guess what…I replaced a leaver in a losing game. kek
bye bye BGs

No sane Alliance is going to farm any PvP when Shamans are this broken.

Not my problem

Go reroll alliance so I can murder you instead

this fool replying to me when he sits an hour in a bg queue