Time in Queue more than 16 minutes

Hi! Queued up for Random Dungeon and only Necrotic Wake available at current item level. Sitting and waiting more than 16 minutes. How this can be at the 3 day of the expansion release? And why there are not so many players around - compare to BFA and common ingame day at Orgrimmar and other core locations.
… 24 minutes
… 30 minutes… Blizzard?
… 40 minutes. :roll_eyes:
… 50 minutes. Is that a AAA MMO RPG game experience? I need this dungeon to continue the main quest line.
… TA DA!!! 1 HOUR!!! GUYS!!! Still in the queue tho…
… 1 hour and 10 minutes… this is unacceptable. Off sleep. Bad evening after hard work. Consider to switch to F2P model. Subscription based model cant live without SLAs you dont have.

Most are trying to get to max level, and the others are already at max level.
I think the population here is great, except too many allies but whatever.
Que in between either for Dungeon or Bgs will be long because there is no real reason to do them before max level,I got 5 levels in bastion without doing one dungeon. Ques for dungeons are long on Draeonoraswell for lower level dungeons where it`s full Population and two hours queue to get in-game :))

Ok. Another attempt, just logged in the game and queued up. Lets see. I need to complete the quest, since I dont want to brake the quest line - Necrotic Wake.
… 10 minutes (Average Wait Time 1 Min)

… 32 minutes. Writing from the character in queue.
… 50 minutes. Watching Twitch. Zzzzz…
… 1 hour, made a screenshot…
… 1 hour and 40 minutes… the game is broken!!!
… 2 hours and 7 minutes… (got the screen)
… got to go.

2 hours of waiting in queue - “best” pre-paid user experience after 8 hours work. You guys lucky since it will be hard to bring you in a court. And tell the developers making the telemetry that they are bad, since it is really a small amount of lines of code to check the long running dungeon queue. Truly disappointed. I`m more than 15 years in IT and I hope I can provide such a feedback.

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