Time to ban boosts for gold

Dead servers have it easy to be fair you are correct no adverts at all in trade nothing as they know they will not get any buyers .

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Right, so no matter what i say here, you are just going to keep on twisting my words and chopping up my paragraphs into single lines…

Are you really incapable of retaining a paragraph of words in your mind whilst you reply to it? Is that why you do this multi quoting? Or is it just the way you misdirect topics to make any readers believe that you are the most correct one? Doesn’t wash.

I can’t even be bothered to read your sloppy post right now, maybe later. Going to watch a movie, because… the server i play on is dead, dead, dead, dead, and dead (5 connected realms, high population according to the server list, but nobody online, dead). Thanks to boosting.

Go and eat an ego cookie spread with some of your own ego.

I’ll quote the lines I directly reply to to make it easier to follow the conversation. Y’know I could just not quote anything at all and confuse you whether I’m talking to you at all, or I could quote the entire thing and then make my point, one after another, with you being unsure at what part of your statement I’ve even adressed my point, but apparently proper formatting is also upsetting to you.

Similar how you comment on your code, y’know?

Anyway, it’s weird how you’ve just now noticed how each and every one of your statements has been already answered and thus have now decided to not go into a discussion about the points you’ve tried to make, but have instead decided to insult not me, but my formatting?

Let’s be real, is this a new low for you or is it a point in life where you’ve been before? Genuinely curious at this point, Ronjambö-Nagrand, person who studies game development for 14 years or so.

Damn boosting. It poisoned our water supply, burned our crops and delivered a plague onto our houses!

What’s next, is boosting gonna steal christmas?

I know I shouldn’t make fun of this, but it’s a bit too funny to me, how you actually believe that boosting is literally the root of all evil and the sole reason why WoW has been in decline. Maybe study game development for 14 more years and think very hard about that statement again. Feel free to come back to me then.

This is how it went in those games what i played before wow. But Boosting is something what have been here whole time since wow start and its totally ok you boost friends, guildies or do it for gold. Today sadly it looks that all boosting happens just for gold and shady sites and their boosters who does it for real cash getaway and all those Raiders and mythic boosters who do it just for gold get all blame even they just play by rules

No man, it’s like trying to have a conversation with an “emotional attack dog” who has to jump in and interrupt you after each sentence. Just the same as people think that WRITING IN CAPS is shouting. Quoting each sentence like that is just plane rude.

I will read it later if I can be bothered.

You already proved my point, you will do and say anything to try to use this topic to get blizzard to add a chat channel where you can spam boost adverts all day to try and con players out of their gold.

When you sit to play monopoly with your family, are you one of those control freaks who tells someone to go sit on the sofa whilst you handle their money and counters on the board? Do you charge them a fee each time you roll the dice for them?

We are meant to play the game for ourselves and not for others. Blizzard should not give you a channel for selling boosts. They should silence and or ban you for spamming.

WoW just wow personal attacks because you do not agree with them . Just stick to the persons views not there irl .

Spamming or Trolling

This category includes:

  • Making non-constructive posts

" Posting TLDR or L2P constitutes as trolling

Posting TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) is saying you don’t care about a player’s post"

I didn’t attack him, I asked a question.

No you did not you personally attacked him nothing you said was a question , you basically mocked and belitted them .

Perhaps you struggle to read fluent English?

I am English, I asked a question. If you want to pretend that there are words in-between the lines and make assumptions from that, then that’s on you.

So now its personal insults to me okay flagged .

You mocked them nothing less and do not deny it very dishonest posting .

Any mod that reads that flagged comment will see the same .

I am not a booster btw and my post has nothing to do with gold or anything its a post about your behaviour.

Let me ask, are you another who would stand to lose out on gold if they started to silence accounts and ban people for in-game advertising?

Perhaps you are in the same boosting community as him, and now you have teamed up to try and get me banned from posting on the forums for making valid points against your cause?

Don’t try to vilify me here, i asked a question, it may have been strange for you, but it was just a question, i did not throw any insult.

Have a nice day.

Answered you already .

You are being very rude assuming things because i question your behaviour.

You insulted him and me with mocking any mod can see that in the posts i have reported you for .

Its 1am at night .

There’s nothing wrong with what i said, you are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

My question makes a comparative point that someone charging others for boosts in wow is the same as making a person go to sit on the sofa whilst you roll the dice of a board game for them.

How you can try to twist this into having any other meaning is very strange and so what else would you expect me to assume you are doing this for?

You mocked him about his home life and you mocked me about my reading skills that is very bad behaviour how you can twist that into about boosting i do not know but i have reported you under CoC for also saying you can not be bothered to read his post which counts as trolling .

No it doesn’t, but what does count as trolling is dissecting a post of fluent text into quotes to try and provoke a response from someone… which is exactly what you are doing and what he was doing before you. I find it very rude. I already said that it is the same as trying to have a conversation with someone who jumps in to interrupt you after each sentence you try to speak. Just the same as writing in caps is seen as shouting.

I replied to part of his post, I quoted the part I replied to and said that I would read the rest of it later if I can be bothered… as you point out, it is 1am. I am not obliged by any terms to sit there and read each and every word someone wrote in order to make a reply to them.

So now I just wonder how you will continue to try to vilify me after this post.

Congratulations on derailing the topic by the way… Well done round of applause

You accused him of some real life issues and me of having bad reading skills that is bad behaviour.

You aslo told him you will not read his post which is agaisnt forum rules which i have linked to you to prove so .

Because i question your bad behaviour i am derailing ? when you can not face your actions of being rude i am sorry but i do not think your actions should go un noticed .

You should never attack a player or question there home life you stick to there views nothing else.

Also you accused me of being a seller or something which is a defamation of my character.

I didn’t accuse him of anything. If you think that I did then I am very sorry to say but yes you do have bad reading skills.

I asked him a question which compared boosting someone in WoW to making someone sit back whilst you play a board game for them and take their turns at rolling the dice. The guy plays wow and spends his time boosting other people, I doubt he even owns a monopoly board to be honest.

Very sorry to point this out to you, but if you do not understand that, yes you have bad reading skills. I hope you make some improvements before you go around accusing people of wrong doings in the future.

So now you insult me again just because you can not admit you were mocking him .

I have flagged you again for your defamation of my character .

Read further up in the topic and you will see he has “mocked” me plenty of times. You will also find a certain someone saying that they can’t be bothered to read the whole topic.

I wasn’t mocking him, as you declare. I asked a comparative question which implies nothing about his personal life actually. It was a metaphor. I am sure you know what a metaphor is, even if you were unable to identify my question as being a metaphor.

If you can’t take apologetic criticism about the fact that you failed to identify a metaphor, and believe that to be some kind of insult towards you, even when I said “I am very sorry to say this to you.”

Then it is starting to look like you are simply trying to get me banned from these forums, because you object to the idea of people being banned for advertising boosts in-game.

You don’t come across as someone who would actually fail to understand the concept of a metaphor. To be honest. So I have to assume that you are just trying to get me banned from the forums for some other reason. I hope that whichever moderator responds to your flags can see that also.

I do not care about gold or boosts please stop bringing them up , i am on about you and how you act nothing more .

Because you acting bad is not right at all but you can not see your own actions , you also falsey accused me of my reading skills which is mocking and a defamation of my character.

You seem to think its fine to mock and belittle others when it is not .