Time to ban Premades and their leaders, they are now using mafia tactics to continue their Premades undisturbed

I spoke up and got punished for it!:
That i do not wish to follow or take part a premade, as the Premade-leader used his standard: “This is Epic Random BG is a premade (Also join my community)” Macro.

EDIT: They are now reporting me for each Epic BG i join, and my friend to force-remove us by high number of reports, ending up giving us deserter.
We are getting hindered to play Epic BGs by literal mafia tactics.
Imagine if this become the norm.

Situation (for me, and for others on our Epic Random Battlegrounds endeavors):
I was in Ashran as a guy started his “This is a premade” macro, i spoke up (Say no to Premades) and went my own way to do Ashran, picking up the various buffs and whatnot and went to do my business to take back solar. But quicky mid fights i got the debuff over and over again, forcing me to be in PVP-combat. Ultimately there is no combat to have, so i get kicked, because i spoke up against ToS-Breaking.
I was in continuous pvp-combat, so not sure how many in their premade that reported me but i guess it was them all. (I watched his Clip about this situation, and you can se him for many minutes telling his stream and community/Discord “Report these 2 rogues” etc. etc.
One of them spoke up as a little kid with no backbone (The usual stick): “Then leave lulz” “Useless rogue joining bg and doing pve lol, leave” and “You are useless noob” was thrown at me by this guy. Used to it, reported and ignored him.
He even questioned my “Ashran winrate” as if that even matters and has some kind of weight to it, as this whole premade-meta has destroyed so much of the statistics thats avaible.
Now iam here with 15min Deserter because they abuse a freaking system that should be fixed. And every single EBG since then i feel the need to scan for certain Premade leaders, am i gonna get kicked? Am i gonna lose in 5minutes? I never know until i scan my and the enemy team for the leaders.
So i say: Ban/Stop the premade leaders, ban/stop the communities and do something already about this stuff.

At this point >A lot of us< would like some kind of response from the Bluepost/GMs if something is about to change, this is a problem that is growing and is never ending. You can se new threads almost daily pop up addressing this and similar problems.
This premade stuff hurts the PVP community so so much, they don’t realize it because they are after a quick high of winning or “Statistics”.

EDIT #2:
Possible Solutions, none is a “fix” but they might improve the experience for all of us, these ones against the making of Premades:

  • Queue-deserter if you deny a entry as below poster mentioned, >To stop them from retrying over and over again.

  • Fill multiple EBGs at the same time, then scramble the teams as you press Join.

  • Remove Faction teams, we are heading there. Just a matter of time before its “Locked in”. No faction, means teams will truly be Random from 1-40 players, you join and you dont know which team.

  • Programming that senses how often you play with other Bnet accounts, thus sensing how often you play with certain people and stops you from doing so (Unless you are in a 5-man group).

  • Randomized Queue starter, some can join early and some can join later. Making so none knows which “EBG” they join until they are inside of it. Late joiners maybe gets the proper buffs applied, a passive movement speed buff first min to catch up to the early-joiners. Or perhaps even spawned in the frontline-GY buffed and ready to go. (Potentional GY-Spawn picker first minute?)


Unfortunately, there are very few wow players left with any backbone. They all want to roll FOTM classes and run premades so that everything is super easy, they play the most watered down PVP imaginable yet claim to be great players, just ones that tend to dodge the proper great players in rated. The fact they take pleasure in ruining the game for so many just speaks volumes of their characters, weak as urine.


I do think they don’t realize that they are ruining the pvp for so many and ultimately themselves.
What i can find out is that they have one - three thoughts:
1: We are fighting fire with fire, enemy faction has premades and so should we.
2: We are helping >YOU< win, so be quiet and follow.
3: We are farming Honor kills for Flexing rights.


If i understand correctly, when you have your fun, it is good, important and pure fun, but when anyone else having fun, it’s bad, evil and breaking some imaginary rules only you abide by?


Iam against all kind of premade.
My team? I hate it, enemy team? I hate it.

It ruins the fun for not only those that is in the enemy team (non premade team) but also those that is not in the premade team from start.

Nothing beats a good old Epic BG, a Epic BG that lasts more than 10minutes where people do the random events, quests or tasks needed to progress their team further.

Understood your question wrong.
What does the RANDOM stand for? Exactly, RANDOM.
Premade is not random.
They have bunked down before on this Premades, but now for a while they have not.


Again, ruin fun for YOU only
Are you some sort of universal authority? Do we need to bow down to you?
Who are you to speak for rest of WoW community?
Apparently it ruins fun for you, but no one else complains.
Sure those who lose are not happy, but if you are smart, you take this loss as learning experience. And yes, it is a skill issue. As trivial it sounds - “Git Gud”
So in your post i see nothing but unwarranted tears


Everyone that the premade teams meet complains, they give up and suddenly none in that team has any chance whatsoever to win.
Thats 40ppl that thinks like me: Premades ruin PVP.
BUT ALSO premades are often 15-25ppl, that means that 15-25ppl in their own team also is effected by their actions.
Thats potentionally 40-65 people that hates premades PER EPIC RANDOM BATTLEGROUND.

And i can say with truth, there are a lot of us that complains when they get put into a premade which they did not ask for or against one.

And to response to your “Git gud”:
You are a troll clearly defending the Premade meta with 0 credibility or weight behind it.
You cant win against a Premade, statistics says that you got less than 4% chance, and those 4% of their losses is from meting other premades.
I see a lot trying to use this as a counterpoint, but just don’t becosue its invalid.


Grow up you little turd.


No need to be uncivil, he is a troll and we all know it.


I am a space goat sir

and? why does it bother you?
have nothing else to do? too much time on your hands?
stop qq, makes you look like a fool
and if you think premades are bad and require no skill, then why did YOU run alot of premades with Rezal?


…What? Im confused, what should i respond on?
Can someone please remove this hunter from this post? He is clearly out to troll, bringing no value to the topic or any effort to counterpoint my post.


Nice to know that you are hypocrite. Not even refusing running premades yourself.
Invalidates everything you’ve posted here.
Lost argument and yell for opponent to be removed? Smaaaaart
Again - stop qq

So if answer does not fit your narrow agenda, it bring no value to the topic? You are pathetic debate opponent - laughable

We didnt even start or i didnt even write.
Some random guy write “bye” and i was kicked.
Was the same Premade team i involuntary joined before.

And now they are going after my guildmates aswell.
What the hell, a mafia? Are we gonna deal with mafia tactics?
Little freaking kids massreporting those who is against their short-lived agenda.


The Report function should probably be revised if it’s being used to bully players.
…&or reprimand the people who abuse it.


Do you even read ? The Battleground section of the forums is riddled with threads and posts speaking out against premades. People comment about it in-game too and they are far more outspoken on the subject than those few that post on or even visit the forums. Large-scale premades is a pox that has been allowed to spread for far too long.


I was removed tonight at the beginning of an epic bg too from a full horde premade. This type of bullying in a game we are actively paying should not exist.

Kaznek-Hyjal was the name of the person who had the audacity to whisper me that I am being removed.


And now AGAIN. For a third time! In Isle of Conquest. Tonight epic bgs are unplayable on horde side


Forum rules be d@mned. Лэрикус (Horde Priest) is the person instigating the kicking of my guildies from their premade BGs. He leads their premade community.


Premades are a problem. I can only tell you to just report the outliers for rule breaking.