Time to kill and CC

If time to kill is going to be less than 6 sec, then why do we still have more than 6 sec stuns that even with orc racials can’t be countered?

Either increase time to kill in this game or reduce the hard CC ? How about make Kidney shot root the target instead of stun, just like charge is doing now ?
It makes no sense that time to kill is this low but stuns continue to be this long.

I know that this is the 99th time I talk about this but it’s a real issue. You are not winning by being better. You are winning because blizz devs gave you execute ability that kills you and you can’t do anything about it.

Rogues and other classes with 999 CCs are just not fun to play against. If you make stuns max 3 sec and other CC make you root instad or stun for 3 sec and root for 3 sec after that would be more … playable ?

Fighting against classes with 999 CCs is just not fun. Maybe intoduce PvP CC modifier like the rest of the abilities ? Having 2 set bonus that reduces the CC duration or increses stamina can help.

Or should I understant the the PvP team thinks time to kill and CC durations are OK atm ?

Holy damn Christ, you’re an orc warrior complaining about CC, dude you got like 3 immunities and you’re a literal glue with 3 to 4 charges.
Give me a break.
What a joke.

Holy damn Christ It doesn’t matter what race and class you are stun makes you not play the game at all no matter how many charges you have.

And on that note I will start calling you out - you are a night elf druid, druid’s wild charge makes warrior charge bug out and reach the halfway point and YOU KNOW THAT and the devs know that and everybody knows that. Also you know you can stun + cyclone warrior for absurd amount of time and just kill my partner because time to kill is so low.

You are the joke here.

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Sounds like a win for both of us.
No warriors for me.
No stuns for you.

No it does not. You actually can interrupt my charge by charging into me.

dude, git gud or should i switch to bulgarian so you can understand me better?
Its a YOU problem.
Problema si e ot teb.

If druids suddenly stop using stuns that would be great. But you are one player and you are not even acknowledging if you agree that TTK vs CC is OK with you or not. Not that it maters. I want the devs opinion on this, not some random druid’s. Bye.

P.S. I can prove wild charge can bug out charge and everyone who play PvP can prove it too. It’s cute that you edit your post and even add my native language in it. By arguing with me you are happy every time enemy stun you and your partner die ? Is that correct ? Are you happy with TTK vs CC ?

Youre just an incompetent warrior who also by chance mains a Dh as well.
What do you expect stuns to be removed so you can just mash buttons with no setup until someone dies? Can i recommend to you-> PvE. Its literally that.

Theres nothing wrong with druids charge too, it just works differently. Warrior charge and warlocks demon gate do the same to my charge too.
As for the stun, youre the last class to complain about that.
Stop being silly.
Bladestorm x2, Intervene and pvp trinket are way too many tools that you already got to counter that
Not to mention that warriors can stunlock just as good with 2x stuns, mass fear thats, and hammstring spam.
Not to mention that you also got Reflect for Cyclone and that non of your Cc is dispellable.
Truly an S+ tear complaining about stuff that shouldnt even bother them in the first place.
Also have you considered that bringing TTK does you an incredible diservice as youre both benefiting from both Cc and huge damage?
Plus youre an orc and got stun reduction plus another dmg trinket.
If anything i can agree that we take too much damage but your claim that the solution to that would be to remove stuns is ridiculous.

That is not true and offtopic as well. I HAD to change to DH back in Bfa, because DH was better in every way than warrior. I haven’t touch it since then :slight_smile:
But ofcourse you are once again running away from my question.

Warrior’s stun is fine, 3 sec is even considered a lot in most PvP games. Maybe you should try playing them. Maybe your idea of playing the game is staying in cyclone for 6 sec ? Might as well be afk.

Arms have immune by bladestorming, but that’s been removed from Fury for some time now, and even Arms can’t press many buttons while bladestorming. I appreciate teaching me how to play the game, since you are such a great player.

I can’t bring Time to kill. I can’t even begin to understand what that even means. I wrote already that I think that TTK is very low atm but CC is staying the same.

I didn’t say remove CC, fake casting is awesome show of skill and I will always respect the caster who can do that. But kidney shot for example can’t be dodged or anything and all it takes is one press of a button to make my char AFK for way too long. And orc racial is not doing anything and we all know what would happen if trinket is used - blind or disarm or even gouge.

So you are defending players who make other players not play the game. Mabe you could lead by example and stop playing yourself ? Or get back to the topic and stop making things personal.

TTK vs CC, anyone else ?

I think CC, stuns especially needs to be pruned yes. Too much CC was added in DF that were previously choicenodes n its just obnoxious to spend so much time in CC.

Im fairly fine with casted CC remaining the way it is since i can infact stop it but the short cd instants, most which cant even be dispelled needs some serious pruning.

I will say though, i find this to be a much bigger problem in shuffle than 3s or 2s because of how much faster phased shuffle is. with how short time each round last the CC truly feels like an eternity. Damage is kinda also all over the place but so is healing.

I think the game is in a weird state where healers max you in one heal but damage is so exessive that if the healer cant spend that one global to heal you, you´ll die unless you have defensives up. Maybe its nostalgia speaking but i sorta miss the slow suffocation gameplay of say unholy where you just slowly watched the healthbar move down at a steady phase during the necrotic strike era where as today DK does so much frontloaded damage n the “preasure” comes in form of endless unhealable damage.

i think these chains of ice spams need nerfing too tbf. you guys slowed me for far too long !!!

Chains of ice was always a big part of dk´s kit n while slows are annoying aswell its the abundance of actual CC that pisses me off. I´d be fine with DK´s losing both the blind n maybe even the PvP talent strangulate, alternatively make strangulate a choicenode between aspyxiate.

My issue with DF CC isnt that the CC exists but that all the choicenodes was removed n suddenly all classes got all options.

I want class identities back n not this talent tree communism we´ve got now a days.

I again had an incident against a rogue / mage who stunlocked me for more than it supposed to. This is and issue ! They are either using cheats as I think or the rogue class dev is incompetent to allow this to happen!

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