Time to merge all low pop servers?

Should have been done ages ago. Not sure what’s the deal with “server identity” and all that stuff when everything is cross realm. If it wasn’t for the character limit and character naming issue I would lump them all into a new realm.

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That’s not what connections are. Connections are essentially a merged realm.

Wouldn’t hurt to connect a few more realms into the smaller server groups…

What about Doomhammer and Turalyon both used to be full servers in classic but now both so dead they are classed as “new players” thats even lower then low :neutral_face:
They said in blizzcon 2017 new tech was out and nothing has been said for 13 months now.

New players doesn’t mean it’s the lowest just Blizzard want new players to make a char there (for some reason).

There is a new Q&A coming up, you could submit a realm population question there and hope they answer it.

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Frostwhisper Alliance 300~ My entire realm should make a single guild huehuehue

@Punyelf: Anroka has already put in a question about merges and I have like her post in that thread.

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Excellent I shall go like it too!

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Agree with the OP. The concept of realms seems to be fading anyway; LFG, sharding, and x-realm BGs, communities and parties completely undermine any pretence that “this is your server, there are many like it, but this one is yours”.

You don’t need to care about building a rep with people on your realm because you might quite possibly never actually group with them. Only raid teams suffer - do we actively want to DISCOURAGE raiding guilds from forming?

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I was on Bronze Dragonflight and moved to Argent Dawn for my Ally characters. So much better and so much more lively. They really should merge all the low pop.

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Does this even matter with sharding? you can have a full server but you can only see 14 people at a time.

im guessing auction house is the only downside.

but they do, or they faction transfer. thats one reason why horde on ghostlands started dying when faction transfer came in. i remember us having loads of good quality horde guilds raiding end content in T7 and i remember /2 being abuzz even in the small hours during T5 & T6. im would presume many other servers started seeing population drop from here on. you cant blame players for wanting to find more populated servers. they want life and activity.

some of these servers are only a couple hundred. ok, they may be linked to others, but still nowhere near 2k.

true. i dont think many care about server identity anymore, but a lot care about guild identity. which can be hard to keep going on a low pop server. players want to do more, but the guild cant find enough people to do it, then they leave, then its a domino effect. i am flabergasted to hear that only 17 guilds have killed a boss in uldir on my LINKED server (BOTH GL & DB). i cant find data pre WoD for horde ranking, but we were 37th on GL ONLY (H & A) during T8. and we were sorta happy with progression back then cause there were so many good guilds above us.

i was originally going to do figures for them as i thought new = low pop. but i was wrong which is why i did not include them. for your info:
Doomhammer H 2,453 A 2,548.
Turalyon H 1,505 A 3,131.
so about 10.5K players which isn’t too bad. thats 10th highest horde pop? now im not saying they aren’t a shadow of what they were, im just talking about now. i think the figure to aim for is 10k-15k players per server, with a hopefully sorta balance between H & A. any more and we could face lag issues?

for guilds to flourish, it matters, but i think sharding might be a big issue like you say, and the reason why Cordanna above thinks that Doomhammer linked is dead, when technically its meant to be 10th top horde, and 7th top ally. (pve, yes i know we have warmode now, but the lists i source from are still pve/pvp)

this. (twice) basically this.

Do you mean herd players, like data, from several small populations onto a single Realm where they have to re-establish a feeling of home…? Even with little or no choice? Would you appreciate that being done to you?

isn’t that what we’re asking for? :s as long as our names aren’t changed, and we all go to the same server, i dont think many (any?) low pop servers think of servers now as “home”? unless its a home they cant escape :s

Even with decreasing numbers of players, you get used to seeing <.name.>-<.realm.> and for it to suddenly change would surely feel… odd.

Name changes, certainly popular ones, may cause some trouble… connecting Realms, as they did with the five smaller RP ones, could be a better way.

odd, but worth it.

connections could be ok. i dont know how these things work in practice, but as long as guilds have a wide choice of players and such, then whatever works best.

Not saying it wouldn’t work, but my vote would be for connection rather than merger.

Darkspear, Saurfang & Terokkar all got connected; it allowed for all three Realms to be in the same Guilds, so increased memberships - that aspect works.

I have characters on two of those Realms in the same Guild

i would accept that i think, unless there are reasons against it?

but remember, a lot of these low pop servers are already connected. like i am to Dragonblight. a lot of new connections would be needed.

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Are all the Realms affected by low populations using the same language? That may be a factor.