Time to update Jewelcrafting and Enchanting

I won’t beat around the bush. We’ve got a problem. We have the most fantastic crafting system to date yet, BUT, there’s an over-sight. Let me explain:

At launch, we were able to enchant our rings with 82 secondary stat of our choice. We were also able to get the lowest crafted gear at item level 382, with a total of 626 secondary stats on a chest piece. This was our base line, our 1:1 ratio.

At Season 2, the crafted gear increased to a maximum of item level 447, with a total of 874 secondary stats. That is an 39% increase, while the level of enchants and gems remained the same.

Now Season 3 is around the corner, which will further increase the maximum of item level to 483, with a total of 1010 secondary stats. Now we are at 61% increase for crafted gear compared to launch.

It’s easy to see, that this “inflation”, now puts enchants and gems to an irrelevant territory, as the new ratio is 1:0.62, making the enchants 38% weaker than at launch. Of course, cutting edge players would keep buying them, for one, because they are dirt cheap, and also because they can give tetriary stats too.

But for the average Joe now, it will be a waste of time to spend even a copper on an enchant which will increase the secondary stats of a max level ring by less than 5%.

“But what can we do? It would take ages to design, test and balance new gems and enchants!” You may say. And I would agree normally. However, we ha this little thing called crafting ranks.
We have Rank 5 for crafted gear, but we still don’t even have R4 for enchants and gems. Sounds like a lazy 20 minutes job for one of the developers.

What is your opinion? Do you want enchants to scale to Season 3, or are you tired to “have to enchant and gem” each of your new gear piece you get?

(For the record, my only maxed out profession is LW, so this isn’t for me to make them mountains of gold)

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