Timeskip? What that mean for us?

I know it hasn’t been confirmed how long of a timeskip that will happen in WoW. But, this has been bugging me for a while. For us RPers. Do we, like, follow that timeskip too? Like, when it happens, we have to make our own chars older as well? Or do we just say “Screw it”?

Based on past (World of) Warcraft writing, I don’t think they’re going to specify it, so it may become something of a headache, unless RPers unite and agree on a certain number. (Until Blizz suddenly decides on an official number; another number than the one RPers united…)

Just harass the devs on twitter enough, they’ll hopefully specify it. I doubt they wouldn’t internally have an idea of the number.
As for what it means for RP, well, just gotta come up with X years of offscreen time or make a new character. It’ll be the hardest for races that age normally but elves, draenei, dwarves etc. should have a far easier time of it. I would imagine most people will roll with whatever comes up for a while, then a server canon will form and solidify.
(edit: by harass, of course I mean ask them repeatedly, not actual harassment. I’m a good boy, blizz, pls don’t ban me)


Easy, expacs comes out about every second year, but lorewise an expac last one year ingame time.
so if you have played and RP’ed for a long time just pretend that the years that is earesed by blizz saying that there is only one year ingame between expacs, those are the years you use for the timeskip :3

It’s not going to be a major time skip. A couple years or so. The only characters it would heavily affect are the ones elderly enough to die of old age in a few years and those young enough for a few years to leave them significantly more mature and trained compared to pre-timeskip.

That doesn’t work because they specify the timeskip happening after the heroes return from the Shadowlands. So there’s a given point from where several years pass. You cannot have banked years you spend to avoid the timeskip.

A guildie of an alt informed me of this, and I thought I’d share.
Steve Danuser on timeskip

(Between Shadowlands and Dragonflight.)


It is actually stated. Shadowlands took two years, the timeskip itself is three years and they just want to have Azeroth peace for a few years where nothing important happens beside the marriage between Lor’themar and Thallysra. So for us RPler it means thinking of what happened during those three peacefull years and how did our character develop when not every year is an existential crisis.

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