Timewalking over tuned to hell

Or maybe triple the amount of badges you can get from each run. The amount they reward now compared to the time and effort put is pitiful and not worth it, especially considering how ludicrously expensive the vendor mounts are and how rare the Infinite Timereaver is.

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Maybe they should reward 500 Echoes since everyone needs those with the corruption vendor.

I haven’t done time walking in a long time. It just seems far too time consuming for the reward you get. There always seem to be complaints about tuning.


In time it takes to complete five TW dungeons you can complete five M+ dungeons ,and have five time more chance for loot.
Mounts and rep tokens is different thing ,those are valid reasons to do TW.

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The only reason to do timewalking is just -one- of them for the 500 badges quest.

I dont remember entirely precisely, if it was at the beginning 8.2 or 8.3. on ptr the reward had been updated to a heroic reward like the four mythic dungeons quest. But with the patch comming out right into a timewalking event, they backed down and reduced it to a normal reward again for five tw dungeons.

Very much disappointing, given how boring timewalking is.

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And it’s also agains the code of conduct

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Oh, don’t remember me on that one. Luckily though I only have one more TW left to do before I get the final mount from the TW vendor coming month.

They can - its called on-line translators. And not just Google. there are others. google isn’t even best any more. They can translate the text and see if it matches English version.

In fact on-line translators have existed ever before this game was made. Just back on days they were slow and often inaccurate in smaller languages. These days you can get rough estimate on almost any language.

I can assure you that it’s pretty easy to say extremely offensive things in some languages that most all translators will consider harmless and adequate.

One good example is that Chinese people use an interesting way of masking language to pass undetected to online censorship systems: they use animal (both existing and fantasy beings) that are phonetically similar to what they actually want to say.

There are a few examples on Wikipedia but I don’t dare to link them because they contain the English translations of those insults.

I can call people in English names too, and do it so politely … :slight_smile:

Sometimes I do it too politely and people miss it. :frowning:

It still is easy if people have a functioning brain. People not knowing how to play the game =/= Content is over tuned to hell. I just did a TW on my alt, I almost fell asleep with how eventless they are.

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Yannile don’t forget TW was re-tuned with corruption in mind,so if you haven’t played recently your memory may be different from current situation.
Not to mention that alot of people using TW for leveling and those players don’t have legion and bfa borrowed powers which leads for those dungeons to feel over-tuned


… You what?

Last time someone complained about the tuning in the TW dungeons I said they take 15-20 minutes to do, he said he’d pay me gold if I did it in that time. Did I receive any gold after I linked the video? Nope. He just disappeared from the thread.

Half the Pit of Sarons I pugged last time around saw multiple wipes on the first few trash mobs and people leaving. The mobs just hit ridiculoulsy hard for some reason, so it was rough even if clumsy positioning didn’t get the patrols involved.

Then half of the groups that survived the trash fell to pieces at the first boss, where actual TACTICS come into play. If your group got past that first boss, it was smooth sailing from there.

Not all the TW dungeons are equal and Pit of Saron 2020 was rough.

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The only problem I had in pits of saron was the tanks not grabbing aggro off me and just bolting it to the middle in the ramp to the last boss. That’s the only problem I ran into in pits of saron and that’s when I was healing. If I was tanking it, it was faceroll.

And your alt is level ?
This is my alt ,as you can see i have azerite traits ,essences , and legion gear in bank.
Players who are leveling do not have those and it is day and night experience.

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No, not really. Most people are just bad. Especially at the older dungeons. I’ve used TW to lvl all my alts. Like 99% of the problems is due to the tank not knowing wtf to do. That’s not something azerite gear, legion legendaries, corruptions or essences can fix.

To use the TW I did earlier as an example of where gear, azerite etc won’t help; we were fighting the 2nd boss in iron docks for ages because people would just attack the shield, healing them up. Even though I told them several times to switch when the shield is up.


But they sure do help.

They’re also the explicit reason why timewalking was re-tuned.

Not really. You’re vastly overestimating the impact of them. Knowing how to play > gear, essences, corruption etc. You can go in and do better with lvling alts if you have a clue vs people fully decked out in bfa gear who have no clue about the dungeons.

When a system is balanced to account for things, people without the things will be at a disadvantage.

Player ability is obviously a huge factor and will contribute to poor results in a more noticable way, especially in the face of encounter mechanics, but the increased healthpool and damage output of enemies are the result of tuning for corruptions, essences, etc.

This is the gripe people (myself included) seem to have with the tuning. A group with a number of levelling players will struggle more than a group made up of geared max-level players, assuming player skill is the same in both groups. It will still be do-able, but one group will need to put in more work than the other.