Timewalking raids

I’d love to see timewalking raids become a more streamlined and expected endgame. Just a couple timewalking raids per patch. Raiding raids like Highmaul in a current patch would be so effing awsome man


Sadly I don’t feel like Blizzard cares about timewalking that much. There were no new additions to TW this expansion so far (BFA timewalking or Pandaria raid). Current timewalking doesn’t feel that great either, the content doesn’t feel like it’s supposed to be engaging and the only thing that’s challenging is anything that is bugged.


Yeah. TW Currently feels like a maintenance feature thata they don’t really know what to do with or want to do with right now. Hopefully they incorporate it properly in the future


I got zero interest doing old raids again (beyond collections as legacy) after having done them for months already all those expansions ago.

Cool, not everyone was around back then to experience them. That’s pretty much the point of timewalking, besides evoking some nostalgia in veteran players.


I’m still waiting for Timewalking Halls of reflection but I fear I will never see it…

Given how hard nerfed Pit of Saron was it would be nerfed to oblivion and all the fun I remember removed.


i would like to see more tw, it has good potential but it wasted

I think that best case scenario they use fated seasons to bring back some old good raids instead of doing all current expansion raids like they previously did.

Unfortunately TW does not that well for difficult content mainly because:

  • It is really hard to balance players by downscaling their level/gear

  • Rewards cannot be so good, because they cannot introduce them to the great vault (cause of making the raid pool TOO BIG).

  • There will be a big disconnect between players that want harder content, players that like the casual nature of TW, and players that like the optimization of running TW sets of old legendaries.

Generally I think that bringing back old raids for X time would be sweet. Just that TW as it is now would do them way less justice than let’s say one fated season of a good raid.

Timewalking is cool catchup content.

Asking for development on old content is a dangerous game, we’ve already effectively permanently lost a fourth raid tier in expansions because of fated.

I’ve complained about the dungeon selection in the past. If I wanted to run Eye of Azshara or Neltharion’s Lair I could do so any time with a leveling character. Yet dungeons they could put there instead like the Arcway, Return to Karazhan, Cathedral of Eternal Night are not there.

Same can be said about other expansions. Cataclysm has heroic Deadmines with the Vanessa fight, or troll and the Caverns of Time dungeons that are heroic only. ICC dungeons and Trial of the Champion are practically unqueuable in normal (I suspect WotLK dungeons are the least queued in the game).

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