Tips for getting better at pve side of the game

all my life uptil now i have focused on pvp side of the games .be it fps or other similar games in nature .
i started playing wow yesterday .i want to get better at pve side of this game .i want to be able to do dungeons raids and mythics and plus . what things i should do to improve myself and be able to do all type of pve content in this game .

Here’s what you need:

  1. A solid command of movement and attack-casting with mouse and keyboard. You may already have this from other games.
  2. An understanding of the generic mechanics of WoW - interrupts, LoS, DoTs, Area effects (aka fire on the floor). You can get this to some extent from watching YouTubes, but you can internalise it oinly by playing.
  3. A very good understanding of the capabilities and priorities of your class/spec. You can get this, starting by studying at and practicing your heart out at some target dummies, and then comparing your performance to computer simulations. Once you know what your spec can do, you can then try it out with movement.
  4. Situational awareness and an intuitive grasp of how The Trinity (the roles of Tank, Healer, and DPS) is used in typical single-target, cleave, and AoE encounters. This is something you have to develop through experience.
  5. Specific understanding of the mechanics for each boss - and trash pack, where the pack is dangerous. While there are a lot of generalities, Blizzard design each encounter to have something different. This is very well covered on YouTube - just look up the name of the boss, or dungeon, and you will find lots of guides explaining the encounter.

Inbetween all of that, there is a VAST amount to learn about travel, trade, currencies, gearing, addons.

This is a huge video, broken up into segments, touching on everything. It was made before Chromie Time was invented at the start of Shadowlands, so it doesn’tcover that levelling mechanism, but it does a great job of mentioning everything else.

If you search for World of Warcraft Beginner on YouTube, you will find lots more.

Main sites you will need to bookmark, outside of YouTube for an encyclopedia of all the quests, items, NPCs etc in the game. Read the Comments: they’re the most informative part. for instructions on how to play your spec for addons

Ask again if you have more specific questions.


thx for detailed response . I will look into these and ask questions as they arise

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Great post. Thanks.

I played in spurts of a few months here and there but I’ve never had the time to invest to level a character very far so all of the this is still lost on me.

If I wanted to jump back in and level a new character, from what I had read, I should start with Exile’s Reach and then run through the BFA story? Is that best way to go?


If you have got a character to 50 already, you will probably be given the option of starting somewhere other than in Exile’s Reach, and the option of Chromie Time, where you talk to Chromie in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and choose another expansion than BfA.

If you have unlocked different starts and different expansions like this, and you would rather see a new one than plough through Exile’s Reach and BfA again, that’s fine too. Which zones you go through doesn’t make much difference to your levelling.

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