Tips for leveling on HW

Hey everyone, I’m a horde refugee from Zalandar Tribe where I played as a forsaken warrior. I’d like to reroll as undead warrior again and want to know experiences of those who has migrated to this server from ZT as well. How different is the leveling? What should I expect? Anything I should know about? I’ve never played on PVE, much less RPPVE server before, so any help would be appreciated

Hi, I moved from horde ZT to alliance HW. But I have only reached lvl 12 and I don´t know horde side.

But it feels like a much more relaxed server. ZT was friendly in the beginning, HW is still like that, from what I have seen. There are some 60ies in epic gear in Stormwind and Ironforge, but not at all like on ZT. There seems to be far fewer hardcore players. The population is smaller, but I think its like a full server in vanilla and thats very good. The overpopulation on ZT is a big problem imo.

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I am on Horde side HW. For a leveler like yourself you can probably find yourself friendly guild willing to take you. Horde side is fairly tightknit most people know eachother. Might even meet you while waiting for the zeppelin!

I would say leveling can’t be all that different. Other than that you’re not going to get yourself ganked.

Had some friends playing on Zandalar Tribe, but they’ve gone quiet over the last month or so. Whatever happened there can’t have been pretty.

In terms of population, Horde side which is the faction with less players has about the same amount of people running about that I remember from my vanilla-time high pop server. Alliance is much more populous, but both are equally playable.

Aside of running into roleplayers here and there, Hydraxian is simply a regular pve server in terms of expectations. By design, they’ll always be quieter than a pvp server and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It lets you play in the overworld at your pace and without continuously looking over your shoulder.


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