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Hi guys!
I’m looking for some tips and advice to improve my healing in raid environment.
Most of my healing volume come from Regrowth, never by Rejuvenation.
This happen because, except from Zaqul fight, my allies are always full HP or almost dead. When bosses deal big damage to whole raid, i use Tranquillity. When is spike damage to single target, Swiftmend + Regrowth.

So actually i nefer find a use for Rejuvenation, except from sustaining tanks.

Here’s my yesterday fight against Zaqul heroic:'qul+-+Kill+(5:07)/Zeltir/overview

I’m new player so any kind of advice would be very helpful. Thanks!


You should learn how to trust your HoTs more. Both of you druids are using Regrowth way too much in my opinion. And I am pretty sure, there are enough possibilities to use Rejuvenation over Regrowth. 100% sure of it. You had the best two spothealers in the raid, leave spothealing to them if it’s not necessary (like if someone is near to dying, you have to help out of course) or if you don’t have clearcasting proccs.

You should use other Talents anyway. If you feel you need to have more tank-/spotheal, than you can use abundance, that’s okay. But I always prefer cenarion ward.

Our mastery in raid is so strong, that you should prefer spring blossoms over 2 min tranq, if there is no need to have more healingcooldowns available (and it did not seem like you had to have tranq ready earlier).
And I almost had made a facepalm about germination. You don’t see where you can use rejuvenation, but you do skill germination? Does not make sense at all, isn’t it? We normally prefer Flourish. It’s strong.

You should improve ur uptime on Lifebloom. You will gain clearcasting-proccs, where you can use more regrowth without wasting any mana.
Maybe you should improve your usage of wildgrowth. Tbh honest 9 times is pretty low, but you did a lot of overhealing, so ur timing just seems to be pretty bad with it. Use it more, but at times where healing is needed by at least ~ 5 people (if the other druid finds 17 times to use wildgrowth with only 20% overheal, you definetly will find also at least 15 times to use wildgrowth with not overhealing by 30%).
Well most of the stuff is standing there. Please, for the sake of your raidgroups, put some enchantments on your ring and weapon. Thats wasted and there is really no reason at all that you do not enchant 430+ stuff (weapon also is 440, you might won’t get anything better for a longer time).


Why would you use germination? You lose a lot of healing by not running flourish.
Inner peace is also bad vs spring blossoms.
Your efflorescence uptime can be improved first of all though
Lifebloom uptime was also pretty terrible.

Rejuv the raid up before all dread casts and then use wild growth after first dispelled.
Use a cooldown for each, especially the one with hysteria stacks.
You would have a lot more clearcasting regrowth if not for the bad lifebloom uptime.

I just dont believe you need to cast so many regrowth either.

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