Titan Residuum in Season 4


We’ve seen some discussion among players about saving Titan Residuum for Season 4, and we want to make sure that it is well known that this isn’t necessary. We feel like most players don’t see a meaningful benefit from saving Residuum for the next season, and for a few players, saving Residuum has become an unhappy obligation.

With the Visions of N’Zoth content update, the game will automatically convert your Titan Residuum into silver. At the start of Season 4, we’ll set the drop rates of Titan Residuum and the prices of the items that it buys to lower values.

And thereafter, Titan Residuum will work in Season 4 just like it did in Seasons 2 and 3.

Happy holidays!


:christmas_tree:Happy Holidays :christmas_tree:


Happy holidays!

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Does this mean the best is to ‘safe’ TR in the form of a bank full of 445 azurite pieces? :smile: This idiot just scrapped one :grimacing:

You probably wont get a great return on your investment but better than nothing xD

i’ve heard your residuum will turn into gold, similar to how honor used to reset back in the day. as for the rate idk. kehlani made a vid about this topic and mentioned that its likely you wont receive any residuum from “8.2” gear in “8.3”. but i am sure a “blue post” can clarify this matter better for everyone.

I think scrapping items obtained in S3 won’t give any residuum in S4, or just 1% of a price of desired items :smiley:

good changes can you also now implement Titan residiuum in the pvp cache?

No, we don’t deserve it. Killing the same scripted AI every week is harder than competing with other players in 3v3 arena.

  1. Can you use silver bars instead of silver the currency? (For the fun of it)
  2. Could you lower current token prices for last minute purchases before 8.3? (At least moving explicit gear price to random token price). Traits to play with before new progression happens.


Conversion is into silver, I doubt anyone will be getting rich of it :slight_smile:

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Happy Holidays, Blizzard!

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