To all the Shuffle mains who think the rating there matters

i assume u refered to jaggz as irony doesnt have an aug, if you meant irony tho then i stand corrected :dracthyr_shrug:

the clip that irony posted is of jaggz which irony is not, so clip is not of irony

and ppl make mistakes, shuffle just is a circus and an abomination of a mode that should be removed from the game i got nothing else, have lovely argument all :smiley:

I’m referring to the comp he plays.

I didn’t even watch the clip.

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alright no clue what he plays as dont know him, makes more sense now then, i assumed you were talking of the clip of jaggz he posted

i aggree with the op to a degree tho even tho everyone makes mistakes even in real arenas so i dont base it on that alone

shuffle is bad addition to the game and people refering to shuffle exp if theyre applying to play in arenas is one of the symptoms of multiple negative effects this mode caused to the already small pvp community splitting people in multiple brackets and now having to deal with these “shuffle xp” people aswell

The gameplay of shuffle is bad but it is a necsssity to keep arenas alive and to attract new players as they’re gatekept by experienced players who won’t ever give somebody new a fair chance.

It’s a playerbase problem.

i wanted it to be same soloq as on privas, i dont want 6 round shuffling or anything else of its design, if it were with same ruleset as normal arena then fine but as of now no its circus and heals dont play it so ques are atrocious, i will never wait 30-50min to play something as paying customer for a game if i can play privas soloq free and have 2-5min soloq

but like i said somewhere else i see no reason to go heal shuffles and be griefed by idiots for months if i can choose to play with someone who has brain and we can decide strat we execute in games so i choose real arenas

i play no comms but i only play with ppl who have same xp as me on comps i play so i know they know the basics what we do and i dont have to explain it from the scratch

Which is exactly why solo queue is needed.

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well, why would i want to heal perma challengers in shuffle if all theyre good for is some donut going 0-6 lobby after lobby so heals get 3-3 and tilt more than have fun playing game they pay for

tho tbh i saw even 2.3mmr ele and fury play like idiots and go 0-6, i suspect they have bought the chars or they only play shuffles i didnt look them up as i know if play fotm dps in shuffle its really easy go 2.4 so they dont even need to have exp outside of df really

and why would people have to play with permanent challengers anyways, i mean i started as 0xp account in shadowlands too and i played with other 0xp accounts from lfg and i made the duelists for seasons on multiple chars i played, now i look for similar xp ppl than i am, why would the 0xp ppl skip this and jump straight playing with ppl who need carry them, where is my gold?

if i had to switch from dps main since vanil into healer in shadowlands to play the game then i also want progression with it and to benefit from it, i have no interest of enable some donuts for brains people dps in shuffle or in real arena, i play with people who have same xp as i do, this is why heals are picky cause not all are heals by choise some were dps but had to go heal cause the 1000 dps to 1 healer ratio in retail systems

the dps mains are expendable on this light in my eyes, anything that benefits them more than heals is a bad idea for the game

and the developer who introduced it should be fired, the same counts for the aug evoker dev


Maybe just maybe because I never played arena? O.o I know it’s surprising to you that people that don’t play arena dont have arena rating. :smiley:

I don’t play arena cause I don’t like it and I don’t have time to play it. Sometimes I’m online in the morning, sometimes at night, sometimes I can’t play for 2 weeks. Hard to find an actual arena partner when you know you have responsibilities in life and don’t have a stable gaming schedule. You’ll understand that when you growup. :smiley:

However I do play solo shuffle and my MM / BM hunter is higher rating than your and I started playing them only a month ago so I don’t even know half the spells. :smiley: How does it feel to know a total newbie to a spec is doing better than you on your main? :smiley: That would only prove nobody should listen to what you have to say about a spec when you obviously don’t know how to play it. :smiley:

I’m sure in the time you’ve spent playing over 1400 rounds of Solo Shuffle you’d have been able to find at least 1 partner. And 1400 rounds sure is a lot for someone that ‘doesn’t like’ arena.


exactly, i had literally 0xp account too and i went lfg started play with other 0xp accounts ppl and made 2-3 char per season duelist each season, its not so hard really to lfg its just excuse rly if ppl are not willing to adapt or play it

my first arena partner in retail were guy with 1800 rounds on 1.6 on his disc. eventually made his disc duelist and then i made few his dps duelist while also ranked my own heals, thats how it starts

i dont like these ppl in df who come with 0xp and demand immediately to be carried by others who know how to read the game when they dont know anything yet

i feel people are just handed free stuff more and theyre expecting to be carried in df alot more than before in expansions before shuffles

1800 rounds played ? He should have received a reward just for that. That’s a lot of time investment :smile:

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Willpower you mean


I really think that people who grind it out hard deserve something special.


a special mount would be nice if u have played so much? dont you think they can even give it a funny name like tryharder rat or something xD

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ye it was alot but i was 1.6 dps with garbage record too so i played with what i get, the guy was friendly and i had laugh playing with him so we ended up play the season together and made bunch of our classes duelist

i dont understand why the ppl now in df couldnt do the same, whats stopping them from going lfg and starting from the scratch if theyre 0xp just like so many others have done at some point already

demanding to be carried in shuffles even with having 0xp in the game is not the way how they get healers to play the mode atleast

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I was about to say where is my mount till I saw your proposed name
Second thoughts, think I’ll pass :joy:

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The difference there is I can play solo in the morning, play it afternoon, play it after midnight, I can stop playing for 2 weeks, come back and instantly play it again. Where if I find a 3v3 comp I need to play at the exact hours my team is playing and if I’m offline for two weeks they’ll replace me with someone else.

Solo is just a lot more flexible and you can play it at any time, you can come in a play one game and go back to life if that’s all the time you have. If you tell a “online friend” to come online to play arena and you play one game and go offline they’ll probably throw you into ignore. :smiley:


If SoloQ was 2minute average wait time for dps, it would be ridiculously more popular, if they added % gladiator mount to it. 3v3 would go nearly extinct. A soloQ option was and still is the future. It’s absurd not to have a solid functioning soloQ for competitive PvP in a game after nearly 20 years.

Everything else you said is pretty much spot on. I get why there is a bit of hate for RSS and it definitely needs improvements but the majority still queue it and for a reason


Yeah have 3DPS vs 3DPS where self healing early on is I don’t know buffed by 100% and slowly goes down :smiley: Everyone is their own healer :smiley: That should give instant queues :smiley: