To all the Shuffle mains who think the rating there matters

Here’s a clip of a 2.6 game. Very competitive indeed, melee marksman hunter with no turtle keybind. Priest with no Swap keybind.

Previous round Feral died by tanking all dmg in open field, again no priest life swap. Check vod if you don’t believe it.

2.6 boys. Try to spot the difference with a 1.5 game from the Hunter and Priest’s gameplay. That’s right. There is none.

Now go say Shuffle is harder than 3v3 knowing that this Hunter is 2600 rated and higher than all of us.


Haven’t seen the clips but people make mistakes
Sometimes they tunnel vision
Sometimes they get lucky lobbies and climb higher than their experience / level


You don’t even seem to know what happened in this game and your making dumb comments about it. :smiley:

The hunter could not have done anything here. He had 60% HP, he had Ray of Hope on him and he had no idea the Ray of Hope was in negative and would insta kill him.

The priest probably knew the Ray of Hope was in negative, but had no chance to swap in that milisecond between Ray of Hope ending and the hunter losing the last 10HP he had.

Before you try attacking someone at least try to understand what happened in the game. The guy playing as warlock also seems to have no idea what happened there. :smiley: The guy playing hunter probably also had no idea he would die in one second. The only person that knew what would happen is probably the priest :smiley:


tbf even good players can have bad games i guess?

Fun fact chief, you can see if your ray is negative and feign death at the last second to negate the damage that would kill you.

And the priest can swap into the ray to make it positive

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If you don’t have a Weak Aura for Ray you’ll probably never notice if it’s positive or negative. Even AWC players use Weak Auras to track stuff like this, let’s not act as if you track every single buff / debuff on you and know for exactly how much a Ray will hit you or not.

And what if the Ray was only at 100k negative and in the last second the enemy team got some lucky crits? I know probably pros like you with super reflex and computing power would press 17 skills in a single global, but 99.99999999% of players would not. Hunter did nothing wrong here, maybe he could have kited better, but our warlock players also could have been in a better position and not in the middle eating every CC under the sun and giving the enemy priest a double fear for free. :smiley:

Maybe he didn’t want to swap hoping he would turn the Ray positive? Maybe the Ray was only a little bit negative and a few last second crits from WW and Feral made it go to 300k. Maybe he thought swap wouldnt be enough to turn it positive.

Everyone could have played better, Warlock included, they just had all super poor positioning, but that sometimes happens even in AWC games. Saying there is no difference between 2.6k and 1.5k is just dumb. I created a MM hunter and after a week in green gear a was winning in 1.5-1.8k lobbies. As soon as I hit 2k I instantly started losing games, cause people play better, know their class better, know your class better, are better and using CD, better at their PvE rotation.

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Can someone explain what negative Ray of Hope means? I should track this better.

The highest you have been according to check pvp is 1.5k in arena. You are still 1.5k combatant (not even challenger) so no one is going to take your opinion seriously.

And what bracket does rating matter btw? 3v3 where the daddy’s credit card carry the game? People forgot Shadowlands realy fast.

get one of these ray of hope auras which ever u like, but dont play shuffles, play 2/3s theyre way more fun :slight_smile:

i think i still have that from shadowlands cause ive not updated to any new, i like the visual of it

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The thing is people are waiting way too long with defensives, ‘’ oh i can i use it on 10% no big deal ‘’ DEAD

Lmao did this guy really clip some mistakes from a solo shuffle lobby and make a thread about it as if he isn’t a DH/Aug player making multiple mistakes a game himself :man_facepalming:

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Nobody asked your opinion. You’re likely the most hated guy on the entire forum section. The guy that literally never says anything positive about anything. The guy that is blocked by tens of people ingame. The guy who is widely known to flame his own teammates.

So behave for once. I’m talking about the game mode in general, not the players. Everyone makes mistakes. The issue is how random the game mode is and why rating there is random as well…

Oh no! A guy that is higher rated than pretty much every single person on the platform that doesn’t endorse the delusions or inhale the same copium of people who spew factually incorrect nonsense on a day to day basis isn’t liked! What a surprise!

I flame my teammates and demand standards of them. I don’t hold their hands telling them everything is fine and that it’s okay they do fundamental basics wrong. Where has that got me? Oh yeah, higher than 99% of the people here including you, so what I do works. Mind your own business.

Crazy, a game mode with random specialisations, spec and class stacking, often with no synergy or co-ordination whatsoever results in random gameplay.

Thank you for your incredible insight, we really needed such an observation after 2 seasons and an off season with the game mode.

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That’s literally the reason you’re even on the forums in the first place. You have a superiority complex, that’s why you try to make yourself feel better by arguing or harassing other players. I don’t even wanna know how sad your personal life is, and frankly, I don’t care. You’ve never even attempted to say something constructive without it including personal attacks and harassment.

But hey, I’m not the one who flames his own teammates while playing SP Moonkin where your only win condition is to not die and wait for your Moonkin to get Incarn back so you can win / finish the game, because the damage you deal as SP is nearly irrelevant PvE dmg.

Have a good day :+1:

Funny how all the best shuffle player end up in the top rating every season.
It’s almost like the beter players end up in the highest ratings. Could make someone think that skill actually has influence on some ones rating in solo shuffle. :person_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :person_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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No, I actually come here to help and educate people. It’s not my fault that people aren’t receptive to it and turn hostile. But hey, the guy that can actually back up his claims with stats and experience is the bad guy with a superiority complex.

I have many, many times. I defend myself against people that tamper with doxxing me, wish death on me irl and make personal attacks after they’ve been told they’re wrong about a video game. I guess you conveniently don’t see that :wink:

I also love how much of a gigantic hypocrite you are:


The lack of self awareness is hilarious. If you’re going to present yourself as this positive guy, at least maintain it in your posts.

You should try it, maybe you’ll get a bit higher rated after 1000 games of playing with Augmentation Evokers. Oh and for the record, the Owl and Rsham flamed each other more than they ever flamed me or more than I ever flamed them, but thanks for your fan fiction, I’ll add it to the club.

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i had games with awc players at 2700mmr where players did not press block. So what? Everyone makes mistakes.

thats why the same players are always on top and dont need 1500 games for 2400 :wink:


i mean shuffle ratings obviously doesnt matter as the mode is circus but people do know that veetea were talking of jaggz and irony is not jaggz, there is like mixed communication going on here when one flamed someone else and then someone other gets insulted

What? I am talking to Irony