To the developers: why have you broken LFR?

I used to love LFR; it allowed me to play endgame material, without having to be in a guild. Now LFR is useless to me.

Now, when I queue for Fury of the Storm, I get dumped into the end of a failing Incarnates raid. I don’t want Incarnates; I want Fury of the Storm. From the beginning, please. I am prepared to wait for it by doing dungeons, but I certainly don’t want a deserter’s debuff because you dumped me into a raid that I do not know and do not want.

If you want me to accept a random raid, then allow me to select that. Currently, I get only one chance to raid per night and you ruin that chance because I have to leave as soon as I am dumped into the wrong raid.

No-one gains anything by this change / bug that you introduced to LFR. Instead, one of your customers is now annoyed that he cannot raid any more. It seems to me that annoying your customers unnecessarily is a bad idea.

So, please find the person who thought this was a good idea and reassign him/her to another job in your organisation. Then repair LFR so that I can queue for the raid that I want and I don’t get dumped out of the queue with a deserter’s buff just because you think you know what I want better than I do.

I’ll take a wild guess that this is about you wanting a fresh run but there’s already bosses killed?
The solution is to just finish the run and the next time you queue you’ll get a fresh one.

Thanks for the reply. This is not about wanting a fresh run. This is about getting the raid that I queue for and not another raid.

It’s happened three nights in a row now. I queue for Fury of the Storm and I get put into Vault of the Incarnates.

Fury of the Storm is the third wing of the raid “Vault of the Incarnates”.


Oh damn, I’m a total idiot.

Thank you!

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