To whom it may concern 2004 player highly concerned

Keep the servers as they are - don’t like it? Don’t play it!

Thats not very nice of you. But not surprised since you play on a PvE realm. You dont want world pvp anyways… Try to play on one of the dead realms then we can see if you still like it

Fresh when

I’m happy with the servers I play on! I went through low Pop servers when TBC & WOTLK was current.

but reality is I have empathy for anyone stuck on a low pop server with their main. Merging servers is the fairest thing to do. :slight_smile:

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Nope, free transfer for “dead” ones, We do not want only Mega-servers.

its ok you can just chose one of the 15 dead realms then you can play alone and cant even find 1 group for dungeon lol unless you pay extra money to free your character or start all over again (lose time progress and money)

its unplayable. Anyways thats how it is for Gehennas alliance at least. There are more dead realms than alive ones

Why do you not want Mega Servers? They by far are the best experience possible.

People are different, I do not like mega servers, as they do not syit my playstyle. I do not say that everybody shold play on small servers, but I say that both should exist.
For peole who like questing in the open world mega servers are not optimal.
For instance the respawn rateds run amuck in a mega-server, and with fewer levelling it leads to killing off of alts when a couple of level 70 passing by on a road respawns all they just cleared. I abhor corpse runs. It’s pure waste of time.

You can do quests on mega realms few weeks after release. Wherever small or large server the amount of leveling activities drastically drops soon after release. Even on “medium” PvE Classic realms on launch that had no queue there was a lack of quest mobs quite often. Few weeks after launch and every mobs was present, few weeks more and leveling zones were dead.

No, because on mega server …

Not really. People level only on release after that most of them want a boost. And there will be no quest cleared from quest mobs X weeks into release. Megarealms do have their issues but with this you are severely over-dramatizing.

Really I’mnot. Every time I try clearing in Wetlands the lairsto get to the chests, then suddenly someone is escorting an alt to and from Teldrassil and BOOM all mobs respawn on top of me. Sigh.
And the same happens with furbolg in Teldrassil when doing that elite Quest, or or in Astranaar or so many other places. I really hate it.

Oh poor you. You do realize it’s a multiplayer game? Blaming “respawns” is not really the core issue here.

When doing IronMan Challenge, as I often do, it is bad (but then I go to HW mostly :wink: ).
And do please note, I do not say we shall have no mega-servers. I just say we need both.
The core issue is to give room for more ways of playing WoW.

Looks like it hit the fan in the end.

Blizzard did nothing until the server became unplayable.

Then they point at the players when blatantly benefitting from the player transfers.

Amazingly sad…

Blue actually communicated the issue with Firemaw and the issue is that server reached it’s physical limit of what current gen server hardware can handle.

Basically at the moment there’s no other option but to either transfer, or wait in queues until Intel and AMD release their next gen server CPU’s.

The issue is they milked the transfers until the system broke.

Please do not sugar coat what was done here.

They need to raise subscription costs if needed and then remove paid transfers.

And make sure servers are playable, stable, fun and balanced.

Which is their job, actualy.

I share your concerns. Blizzard needs to takes to steps to best steer the community at this point with regards to server balance issues. Firemaw is a symptom, not a cause, of the problem.

In addition - I definitely remember you from SC back in 2005! You got rank 13 right?

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Yes I was Rat in Adrastus 3. Reached rank 13… had great fun on SC honestly.

Glad to see some old timers still playing. :grinning:

Firemaw players are in the best situation. They have a playable server and they have a free transfer option.

That said, something must be done about the servers before WotLK, the current situation is just silly. Very few playable servers and all have huge flaws (Firemaw queues, Earthshaker/Gehennas one-sided, Mograine/Ashbringer one-sided and low-ish pop, etc).

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