To whom this might concern / Moderators / Devs / Server admins


Considering how dead the realm is, I’m not even sure if anyone reads or will reply to this, but here goes.

As the leader of the most active guild here, I’d like to state a message to Blizzard. Our realms are dying, not one, not two, but six. I would suggest you connect us to Tarrenmill or another realm that could sustain our activites, otherwise there’s a high chance of you guys loosing around 2.5k subs ( 32 000 EUR / month ) Though I’m not sure if you care about that or not. This is not a threat, it’s just a realistic warning, regards how you’re maintaining the game experience for folks here.

That said you can check / see on the link below if I’m right or not:

> Realm population check <

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