Today's Dreamseed Hotfixes

Bugger it. Why am I always too late to realsie these things. I was holding back on my seeds farming dewdrops now I can only get rep for 4 per day ???

i’d much rather they just have Superbloom give rep, that makes it farmable but it won’t be a degen playstyle.

I think they’d rather have renown as a long term incentive for running a variety of content than let you repeat a single event until you hate it. I’d probably pick a grind over a chore too, but frankly I dislike both.

So the people that exploited the rep gains get away once again with one piece of champion gear and the Rune… crazy that they even brag about that on social media and advise “people not running for WF shouldn’t do this”. Its like they are immune to the bans and the rest of us are not.

Pretty serious comment here towards the devs who designed it this way.

  1. Bad game design to make it faster to first foccus rep on alt to get it better in a main.
  2. Unfair situation for the people that didnt got to renown 10 on a alt because it makes the main around renown 14 to 15.
  3. Its an mmo the feeling on falling behind just because you got caugth by a hotfix is just bad , accept the balance mistake.
    Im currently lvl 8 while people who got lucky have a lvl 10 ish main and can easily make like 6 alts towards 15.
    Even with the seeds on 24 ish rep it was still a decent balanced grind now its just a big waste. I guess fun was detected , never see such fast hotfixes when classes are unbalanced.
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you will probably lose loads of people who want to play your game but isn’t rewarded for pushing heights if all it is. It’s a 1 day grind then wait till Wednesday. What’s the point of your game if that’s all you policy offers? :stuck_out_tongue:

rather reward people who want to play your game don’t punish them by taking their money.

Still waiting for the shadow rework since legion that we still after 18 years has a AOE problem is funny… on the other hand Monk Mistweaver in pvp is insane op never seen blizzard nerf their kick knockback healing mobility or Execute that can kill you through an Dispersion.

But hey look at that pet in the pet store here’s a twitch prime reward. :woman_facepalming:

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