Tol Barad, a come back?

Hello everyone,

I’m here today to talk to you about Tol Barad.

Currently, several contents from the old expansions are back for PvE, but not for PvP.

Why not make it available in a 40-player battleground?

What do you think about that?


was it 40man? doubt its balanced for 40man,think it was 200player? cant remember i was rly at the end of cata there

Yes is for 40 man

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I’d welcome any new battlegrounds. Just let us blacklist specific ones that we do not wish to play.

Yes, and Tol Barad is a good battleground.

But the blacklist is a good idea

There is not a single good 40 man BG in this game. That includes Tol Barad.


Yes, nice, this also decreases the chance for Ashran to pop from 25% chance to 20% chance. When I see the loading screen for Ashran it is like finding out from your mom you have to go grocery shopping today, do the laundry, make dinner, lay the table, wash the dishes and clean the entire house twice. Then do the homework today which you have an entire week to do, then quit smoking and drinking, call the bully at school and invite him to your birthday party, and throw your bedsheet and pillow away when you go to sleep because it is fun.

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I don’t like your idea of fun…
But I too do hate Ashran. Usually just afk at solar.

i mean when you put it that way…who am i to argue ;D

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Tol Barad was great BG. Also Strand rocked and old Deepwind was way better. Just rework them. Oh wait combat team and PvP quit.

just remove epics no one plays them anyway, and if they do its 6 active players + 34 afk/bots.

Remove the epics is not the solution.

It just needs more control over bots and AFK

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tol barad was a terrible bg.

was great fore solo kills and montages that for sure, one of the best places to simulato wpvp, but terrible bg to play.

i dislike only bgs with sieges and rockets, ashran and alterac are somehow okay, when play properly, they might need to be tuned

but isle and wintergrasp, holy those godamn sieges hit u twice and run faster than u :confused:

What was so terrible about Tol Barad for you? I have very fond memories of that. It came after the nightmare that was WG. TB had vehicles sure, but it wasn’t reliant on winning, controlling the 3 points was key and that is something that WoW PvP lacks atm.

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defensing was impossible, team controlling it had access to the raid if i remember correctly

i LOVED told barad for doing ltos of wpvp and stuff, but as a bg i remember everyone complained about it alot… specially because at the time it was server side and some servers were heavily 1faction sided
still, i loved cataclysm as an exapnsion, and id be okay with having tol barad back too, if anything wintergrasp and isle of conquest are way worse.

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