Toll Collection at Three Corners, Redridge

Would this be against ToS? And do you think it would work?

  1. Horde player arrives at Three Corners Redridge to do their evil quest.
  2. An Alliance player and a ‘good’ Horde are waiting at the tower.
  3. The ‘good’ Horde suggests to the evil Horde, that their quest will be completed faster if they voluntarily donate X gold.
  4. The ‘good’ Horde gifts the Alliance player the received gold, via black market auction house.

To be clear, this is not gold begging - the evil Horde is simply receiving a one time suggestion to donate gold in return for a smoother quest experience. It could be considered a service.

So racketeering?

I’d imagine this comes under griefing.

My understanding is, when there is a PvP solution it’s not considered griefing by Blizz. The PvP solution, would be for the evil Horde to simply kill the good Alliance player that wasn’t doin nuthin.

What’s griefing in PvP? Corpse camping is mistakenly considered by some players to be griefing, when actually considered legitimate PvP by Blizz. If you think about it, a Three Corners Toll would be a corpse camp prevention system, everybody wins!

Wouldn’t it only be an issue if the suggestion was repeatedly made to the same player? Then it becomes a spam issue. But even then, the evil Horde can block whispers.

However I see how it could be a grey area, that Blizz may simply decide to hammer. Anyone know for a fact it’s against rules to make a one time suggestion to donate gold in return for smoother questing?

Edit: I got feedback elsewhere that this would be considered RP, and I assume therefore not a problem. Sound true? Could call it an RP Toll.

Ideally, it would be known that there’s an optional toll at Three Corners, and the evil Horde ‘quester’ donates gold without even being asked. That would surely be within ToS? Being given something you didn’t ask for is not something you can control after all. Problem, it being generally known that an optional toll is available seems unlikely. The ‘good’ Horde in this imaginary scenario could at minimum start a conversation, saying something like “This evil Alliance has been killing Horde all day, much delay in questing! Some Horde have even been giving me gold, thinking it will help avoid trouble lol! What do you think about that?”. This way there has been no suggestion of donating gold, but a voluntary donation may happen anyway.

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