ToM bugged?

Hey fellow monks.

I’ve been trying out the ToM morning leggo to assist with cleave healing and it doesn’t seem to matter where I am, in group or not, when I’m casting enveloping mist and have renewing mist up on a target, I’m not seeing that target receive the 20% cleave healing the leggo apparently grants.

Am I understanding how it works correctly? From the tooltip I understand it means when I have RM up on targets, any enveloping mists cast will also grant such targets cleave. But I can’t see it. Is my assumption wrong? Or is this a case of the healing simply doesn’t flash up like other healing?

Looking at my healing meters after dungeon runs it seems like I’m getting a lot of healing out of enveloping mists across the party which suggests it is possibly working but I can’t be sure because I’m not seeing any numbers!

I believe it buffs the cleave, but the primary target isn’t a cleave.

Its also 20% of what normally cleaves, not oif all healing.


I mean toM says (three things)
“When you cast vivify and enveloping on a target with renewing mists, there is 10% chance the mist spreads to a new target”
“The healing through renewing mist of your vivify is increased by 20%”
“your enveloping mist heals allies with renewing mist for 20% of its healing”

Okay so I can see the first one happening.
I can clearly see the second. The tooltip doesn’t update but I can see the values I get are 20% higher than my tooltip. This includes all targets, even my primary one (if they have REM)
The last one I cannot see. So I will cast renewing mist on myself and enveloping on an ally. I do not see any additional healing tick on myself. My understanding is this leggo causes enveloping to cleave on REM like this, so where is the healing? Or am I understanding the enveloping part wrong?

Are you standing close enough? I see a lot of small ticks on melee that I’ve been assuming was this legendary…

I’ve tried it on targets near me and far away, I never see any ticks at all. I mean i don’t get why position would matter? If the tooltip said “your enveloping mist pulses 20% of its healing onto nearby allies with renewing mists” I’d get it, but it doesn’t say anything about distance, it just says if they have it, they’ll get the healing. So if that is the case, that’s really unclear.

But yeah, my enveloping “20% ticks” would be about 220 and I never see such at all. It’s really bugging me out because I’m really enjoying using ToM over AToTM and swapping to more mastery over fistweaving but I I’m tripping out not seeing the benefits of this part of the leggo, because on paper, it’s a pretty big part of what makes this leggo so good!

I may have to retest the range thing but I swear just earlier today I was waiting for a key drop in and I tried it with a paladin right next to me at ding entrance and got no additional healing numbers pop up.

I may have to check my meters and see whether it’s “invisible healing” that doesn’t show up for some reason on the floating text.

when you finish casting enveloping, it applies 20% of its total healing in one tick to all targets with renewing mist.
in my case the total is 8182 and the cleave is 1332 which is “close enough to 20%” when it comes to blizzard math.
I guess the tooltip already includes the 30% healing buff of enveloping on the main target, but the cleave is calculated from the base amount

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