Too late for 1800 push?

So I just started playing again after a few months break, and got a sudden urge to get the Hunter elite set, I think it looks really badass, and almost like the DK tier set from WOTLK naxx.
I’ve never played hunter in arena before, just casual bg fun.
Would it be too late to try a push now? I only have today and tomorrow to do it. I will start from 0 rating of course.
Got all the gear on it ready from boxes and stuff.
Which spec is recommended?

It is not too late. You can make it to 1.8k in a few hours of playing. Play whatever spec your good at, but BM is the easiest.


You can get it next season as it’s the same, if you don’t have the time it’s OK.

You can get it in few games depending how good you are but if you never played ranked it’s not gonna be that easy for you.

You can still easily get it if you invest a little time before wednesday

Play the spec ur best at, if ur unsure what that is, BM will be easiest for u

Grab a Resto druid, land ur traps on enemy healer and attack the enemy dps

all ur druid has to do is cyclone off ur traps and heal u

repeat for about 30 games of 2v2

and ur done

Are we getting the same exact elite set colours as this season? I haven’t really looked into it

UPDATE: I did actually get it pretty fast. Took less then expected ( I bought junk food and soda for a good ol’ All nighter, keks ), 6 games of shuffle with really short queues (10 minutes most?). First game I was REALLY nervous, and landed zero traps, then it kinda fall into place. Spec feels really adapted to most lobbies (BM that is), I never feared seeing what the gladius frame would show.

Thanks for the kind support, guys.

I got scared when I saw the wowhead post, it shows that the S1 set was voted most favourite for the mog… and wouldn’t have wanted to risk it. BTW, it’s 3 days left until next season and we still dont know which sets we will get?

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Sick :slight_smile: grats on the set.

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The most likely is that S4 will be S3 transmog, but they havent rly “announced” it that way what I know of.
So its always better to be safe than sorry

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